by Chris
October 12, 2017

Six Fantastic Tanzania Safari Itineraries

What is the most important part when you’re planning a safari tour of Tanzania?

Is it the hotels you’re staying in?

The food you’re eating?

The animals you’re spotting?

While every one of these elements contributes to making for an unforgettable Tanzanian safari, it’s a good safari itinerary that can make or break a holiday.

A bad itinerary will have you waking up early only to spend half of your day cooped up in a car driving between parks.

A good itinerary minimizes this downtime and ensures that you’re well-rested while also getting to see the very best that Tanzania has to offer.

Do you need help choosing the right Tanzania safari tour? From the Serengeti to adventure and culture safaris, here is your ultimate guide to creating an amazing safari itinerary! #Tanzania #safari #Africa #travel Pin Me!

Custom Safari Itineraries

Your Shadows of Africa safari expert knows how to design a safari itinerary that is perfect for your tastes and budget, but we have a number of pre-built safari tours to get the ball rolling.

Below, we’re highlighting six different kinds of safari tour. From chasing the Wildebeest Migration to immersing yourself in Hadzabe and Maasai culture, there’s something for everyone!


Wildebeest Migration Safari Tours

One of the biggest attractions in Tanzania is the annual Wildebeest Migration that sees more than a million Wildebeest and zebras make the arduous journey from the southern Serengeti into the Maasai Mara.

A year round affair providing some of the world's best game-viewing, the Wildebeest Migration provides a different experience depending on when you visit.

With so many variations based on the time of year, we have a number of Wildebeest Migration safari itineraries to choose from.

Five Day Wildebeest Migration Safari

Our best-selling Five Day Wildebeest Migration itinerary works from April through until mid-July, featuring two nights out on the Serengeti as well as nights in Ngorongoro and either Lake Manyara or Tarangire Natioanl Park.

While the Seronera region if the park is the usual inclusion, it is easy to spend a night in the Grumeti region if the Wildebeest Migration is in the park's west.

Six Day Wildebeest Migration River Crossing Safari

The high-drama of a river crossing is the highlight of the Wildebeest Migration.

Taking place in the northern reaches of the Serengeti where the Mara River separates Kenya and Tanzania, the longer drive times mean including an extra day.

With nights in both the Central Serengeti and the Northern Serengeti, our six day River Crossing safari ensures that you'll have a front row seat for all of the action on our River.

Five Day Calving Season Safari

From December to March each year, the Wildebeest Migration puts down temporary roots for the calving season. For this reason, our Five Day Calving Season itinerary is the best choice.

At this time of year, tens of thousands of young Wildebeest are born in the Ndutu region - which straddles both the southern Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

At this time of year, we spend a night each in Ndutu and the Central Serengeti.

Five Day Fly-In Safari

For those visiting during the river crossing season (July - September), the long drives can be off-putting. To remedy this, we have a number of Serengeti fly-in safari options.

This itinerary allows you to fly out to the heart of the action directly from Arusha and then make your way back via the Central Serengeti, Ngorongoro, and either Lake Manayra or Tarangire National Park.

It's also possible to do fly-in safaris to the Central, Western, or Southern Serengeti.


Big Five Safari Tours

Our six day Big Five Safari is one of our biggest sellers, as it combines time in iconic parks such as the Serengeti and Ngorongoro with visits to the other Northern Circuit Parks - Tarangire, Lake Manayra, and Arusha.

You'll chase the Wildebeest Migration on the Serengeti, see rhinos in Ngorongoro, follow elephant herds in Tarangire, hike in Arusha, and look for tree-climbing lions in Lake Manyara.

Our Big Five safari is very popular, and can be extended or modified to include more time in the Serengeti, cultural activities, or hiking in the Ngorongoro region.

For those with a little more time to spare, we have longer itineraries such as:


Cultural Safari Tours

There is more to Tanzania than its wildlife and its stunning landscapes. The country's rich cultural tapestry is part of what makes it such a fascinating country.

Our six day Tanzania Cultural Safari blends traditional game drives with cultural activities such as visit to the Hadzabe bushmen of Lake Eyasi and a night at the fantastic Africa Amini Maasai Lodge.

Adding on a day to tour the Chaga town of Marangu is a great way to more fully explore Tanzania's tribal cultures.


From Bush to Beach: A Zanzibar Safari

Zanzibar's white sand beaches and turquoise waters are every bit as alluring as the wide open plains of the Serengeti, so why not combine your safari with some rest & relaxation on the beach?

We have a number of safari tours that start and end in Zanzibar, allowing you to wash away the dust from the open road in crystal clear waters.

Whether it's a quick visit to Tarangire and Lake Manyara or an extended safari on the Serengeti, you'll find a number of options for safaris from Zanzibar.

Elephants in the Great Ruaha River

Off the Beaten Path Safari Itinerary

If you've been to Tanzania before, perhaps you think you've seen all the country has to offer.

But while parks such as the Serengeti and Ngorongoro are famous around the world, did you know that there is a wealth of other Tanzanian national parks you can explore on the Southern Circuit?

Far more rugged and less crowded than the Northern Circuit parks, safaris to places such as Ruaha and Selous offer something truly African.

Giraffes in the Masai Mara National Reserve

Multi-Country Safaris

East Africa has a lot to see and do, and while Tanzania has world-class safaris, neighbouring countries such as Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda offer up something different.

Why not combine your Tanzanian safari tour with gorilla trekking in Uganda, a Kenyan safari, or a cultural tour of Rwanda?

Are you planning a trip to Tanzania? Here's how to choose the perfect Tanzania safari tour for you! From adventure and culture safaris, to picking the right safari itinerary - we've got you covered. #safari #Tanzania #Africa #travel Pin Me!

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