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A volcanic island paradise of palm-fringed lagoons, coral reefs, and beaches right out of fantasy – Mauritius is one of Africa’s most stable and developed nations – a true success story of multiculturalism.


With a melting pot of cultures including Muslim, Creole, Hindu, European, and Chinese, Mauritius is something unique in Africa. A tropical getaway that offers more than just beautiful beaches and vibrantly coloured reefs.

 One of the friendliest countries in the world, Mauritius is a place of smiling faces and warm welcomes just waiting to greet you.


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Mauritius Holidays

While it is most famous for its beautiful beaches and clear waters, Mauritius offers up more than just an island paradise upon which to escape the realities of life at home.


Visitors to Mauritius can expect to find activities suited to all walks of life and interests. The beaches and reefs make for a perfect playground for scuba diving, snorkeling, and water sports enthusiasts – while inland, national parks and golf courses give those without their sea legs plenty to see and do.

 Spas, museums, restaurants, resorts, and animal parks ensure that there’s something for everybody in this small but fascinating island nation.

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Mauritius Activities

Mauritius’ white sand beaches, serene lagoons, and colourful reefs remain the nation’s most popular tourist attractions, and visitors wanting to relax away from the hustle and bustle of real life will find opportunities in abundance.


For the adventurous, Mauritius’ waters offer up a smorgasbord of exciting activities ranging from scuba diving, sailing, and deep sea fishing to kite-surfing, body boarding, and kayaking.


On dry land, Mauritius’ Black River Gorges National Park is a 6,574 hectare park comprised of dense forest and abundant wildlife. Home to more than 300 species of flowering plant and one of the only places on earth where visitors can see the rare Pink Pigeon, the park’s natural beauty and winding trails make it a great place to see a different side of Mauritius.


With its tapestry of cultures, Mauritius is a land of contrasts. The high society charm of French style horse racing and dining co-exists alongside bustling Chinese style eateries, European style botanical gardens, and African & Middle Eastern architecture.


All of this exists against the backdrop of Mauritius’ famous hospitality. It is truly one of the world’s most charming holiday destinations.

Honeymoon in Mauritius 

Like any island paradise, Mauritius is an enchanting option for your honeymoon or even your wedding.


Its customary warmth and blend of cultures and beliefs makes it an especially intriguing place to start your new adventure together.


Whether you desire the intimacy of a quiet beachside escape or something more adventurous, Mauritius can cater to your every need in comfort and style.

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