Sustainability Policy

Shadows of Africa are committed to growing our business in a sustainable manner. We recognize that the environment, communities and cultures within which we operate are vital to the success of our business. Responsible travel is one of our company's core values, we aim to maximize the positive effects that tourism can have on individuals and local communities, while minimizing the negative social, environmental and economic impacts. This policy outlines what we have already managed, what we are currently doing, and what we hope to achieve in the future. It defines practices at the core of our product development, operations, and external partner relationships. It is a work in progress for everyone in our company. We therefore commit to the following objectives:

  • Comply with all relevant legislation and embed sustainable development principles into core business practices.
  • Use our position to drive sustainability within our destination(s).
  • Preserve our environment and continually improve our environmental performance.
  • Optimize our social impact to enhance local livelihoods and prevent tourism leakages.
  • Provide information, training and support to colleagues and external partners, to engage them towards sustainability.
  • Provide sustainable information about our products to encourage our clients to opt for sustainable travel options.

In our offices

  • We ensure our employees understand our goals and are accountable for the implementation of our sustainable policies.
  • We monitor, reduce and manage waste in a responsible way.
  • We measure our use of natural resources especially energy and look for ways to reduce them.
  • We purchase local products where we can and limit the use of small packaging.
  • We respect our employees, their diversity and advance their wellbeing wherever we can.
  • We share best practices and raise awareness on sustainability among our teams and partners.
  • We communicate on our achievements against our sustainable goals, internally and externally through thorough reporting at least once a year.
  • We are committed to providing employment opportunities for local communities and investing in training programs to empower local talent. Our hiring practices prioritize individuals from areas local to our offices.
  • We commit to fair and transparent business practices, including fair wages for employees, ethical business partnerships, and responsible financial management.

On the ground

  • We prefer to work with locally owned businesses reflecting local cultures (hotels, lodges, restaurants, handicraft outlets, arts and culture centers).
  • We drive positive change within our supply chain, monitor their sustainable practices, share best practices and organize training.
  • We ensure that travels we organize do not have adverse effects on the environment or society, especially sensitive activities that may bring travellers into contact with animals, children or remote communities.
  • We give back to neighboring communities by supporting projects addressing local development challenge, encouraging fair employment opportunities and wellbeing advancement.
  • We promote Responsible Tourism in our industry and to stakeholders we engage with in our destination(s).
  • We put our clients and guests at the forefront of our business and help them to make informed decisions when travelling.
  • Our guides are expertly trained to minimize disturbances to wildlife during safari activities and to raise awareness of wildlife conservation.
  • We will actively contribute to habitat protection initiatives, such as reforestation projects, supporting the conservation of the natural environment.
  • We will strive to minimize our ecological footprint by implementing resource-efficient practices.
  • This includes waste reduction, water conservation, and energy efficiency measures in our operations.
  • We actively try to implement waste reduction strategies, including waste segregation, recycling programs, and limit single-use plastics to minimize the environmental impact of our operations.
  • Preference is given to accommodations that work with internationally-recognised certifications such as Travelife, or those that are acknowledged by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). When no suitable certified accommodations are available, preference is given to accommodations with a positive and verifiable reputation on sustainability practices.

We consider sustainability aspects in destinations in the selection of new destinations and in the product development process. We intend to provide social and environmental benefits to the communities we visit. We understand the importance of visitor dispersion and of not exceeding the carrying capacity of destinations; therefore, we encourage the promotion of lesser-known areas (with the approval of the local community), to prevent over tourism and its negative impacts

We do not allow the purchase of souvenirs containing threatened flora and fauna species, any illegally obtained historic/archaeological artefacts, drugs or illegal substances, and abide by local and international laws in place to prevent this