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Comprised of more than 1,100 coral islands, the Maldives is a name synonymous with luxurious beach escapes and picturesque vistas.

A geographical wonder the likes of which you won’t find anywhere else on earth, the Maldives’ biodiversity makes it far more than just a paradise of white sand beaches and high-end resorts. A world of wonders exists just below the surface of its crystal clear waters in the form of coral reefs and a dazzling rainbow of marine life.

An escape from the worries and stress of the real world, a trip to the Maldives is a trip to paradise made real.


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Maldives Holidays

A Maldives vacation is all about pampering, and very few countries do it better than this tiny island nation. 

A place for relaxation rather than sight-seeing, the Maldives nonetheless possesses a wealth of fascinating ways to while away the hours, ranging from sunbathing and spa treatments to scuba diving and island hopping.

 While many visitors to the country are content to remain in their self-contained resorts and experience paradise from comfort, others instead strike out to swim with dolphins, dive the vibrantly coloured coral reefs, try their hands at fishing, participate in thrilling water sports, or indulge their cultural curiosity in the nation’s capital, Male.

Your Maldives escape can be whatever you wish it to be. Whether you’re looking to spend a few days or weeks relaxing at your resort or you want a more thorough exploration of the country’s islands and reefs, we can get you there!

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Maldives Activities

Resort living is undoubtedly the most popular activity in the Maldives, but the beach playground offers up a variety of ways to spend your time on vacation.


Island hopping to explore the various islands and secret beaches of the nation is undoubtedly a huge draw card for tourists, and with more than 1,100 islands to choose from – you’re never going to run out of places to explore!


Water sports, spa treatments, scuba diving, and fishing excursions are also popular add-on activities for those visiting the country.  Surfing and kayaking are especially popular options at most resorts.



While many visitors to the Maldives are content to see little more than the airport and their resort of choice, the nation’s capital is not without its charms.


A small city of some 80,000 people, Male is a cosmopolitan city abuzz with markets, mosques, boutiques, and restaurants just begging to be explored.

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Honeymoon Packages

The Maldives unparalleled beauty and the sheer variety of resorts available makes it an ideal honeymoon destination, and couples from all over the world seek to escape with their new hubby for their escape to paradise.


White sand beaches, crystal clear azure waters, gracefully swaying palm trees, and beautiful resorts make for an unforgettable backdrop for your honeymoon escape, and there’s never a shortage of places where eager new lovers can escape for some private time.


Maldives Culture

Located at a crossroads between Asia, Africa, Middle Eastern, and the subcontinent, the Maldives has become an intriguing melting pot of cultures and beliefs.


This cultural diversity is perhaps best exemplified by Maldivian cuisine, with everything from fragrant and spicy curries to more standard western fare available.


Traditional dance and handicrafts also epitomize this diversity, with elements from all over the world being woven into the rich and fascinating cultural tapestry. 

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