Details of Swakopmund

A reprieve from the nation's desert heat, 'Swakop' as it is known by locals is a picturesque seaside town whose beautiful Germanic architecture is hemmed in on one side by the encroaching dunes of the Namib Desert and on the other by the angry Atlantic.


The city's position at the crossroads between the desert and the ocean makes it an ideal base to explore both, with both water sports and desert exploration available as day trips from the quaint seaside resort town.

Exquisite seafood, beautiful beach views, and the haunting morning & evening mists combine to create a seaside experience you're unlikely to find anywhere else in Africa.


Short Overview

The coastal town of Swakopmund is a popular stop in any Namibian itinerary. Located on the ominously named yet beautiful Skeleton Coast, Swakopmund is a great from which to explore the desert and the ocean, with a huge variety of activities available ranging from scuba diving and deep-sea fishing to off-roading and sandboarding.

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