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  • Group Tour Safari Great Migration - Calving Season - in Ndutu

    August 30, 2021

    Every year, the Great Migration, in the heart of the amazing Serengeti National Park, puts on a magnificent show. From late January to mid-March about 8,000 wildebeest are born every day!! Few things compare to seeing a baby wildebeest take its first steps and start running just minutes after being born.

    We are very excited to offer you the new Ndutu group safari, which will allow you the best way to witness the calving season (January - March) in all of its splendor. In this group tour, you will see beautiful animals in breathtaking landscapes, it will be a sight and an experience you will not soon forget. As we visit the Serengeti to witness the great migration we will go to the Ndutu region of the Serengeti, we will also visit Tarangire national park, Lake Manyara national park, and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and crater, all of which you can call yourself lucky to see.
    group tour great migration

    Why join a group?

    We all know safaris can be quite an expensive endeavor but some of the costs associated with safaris (including things like the vehicle, fuel, guide fees, Crater entry fees for the vehicle,etc.), can be shared with your fellow travelers and help your wallet.
    Group safaris are also a good opportunity to meet some new, nice and interesting people and make friends.
    ndutu group safari


    There are some other advantages to this great offer:

    • Ndutu area is the only area where the driver can drive off-road - so you are sure to get a good angle on all sightings!
    • There is much less driving distance than when following the migration in the northern Serengeti - so you can expect more fantastic views!
    • There is a maximum of six participants in one car - so you’ll stay in the same small group all the time.
      Spacious 4x4 vehicles with open rooftops offer not only a perfect 360° view but also endless opportunities for enthusiastic photographers.
    • And, quite unparalleled, we offer the only budget-price tour to this magical event, and since there are no camping grounds available, we ensured budget-priced lodges!

    group safari
    Be a respectful witness to the miracle of life and see the predators at a hunt. Add sightings of all the Big Five, most of the cats, other mammals, an abundance of birds, and picturesque nature - this is an opportunity to grab!

    Join one of our groups on one of the dates - there’s one departure each month - December, January, and February.

    26th of December 2021
    10th of January 2022
    7th of February 2022


    For more details have a look at this link with day to day descriptions and photographs of the accommodation:


    Can’t wait to get a spot to this amazing event? Contact us today & book.

    join the group

  • ’Join the group’ - what is it?

    July 28, 2021

    In general, we can say that safaris are amazing & unforgettable, but also quite expensive. The 4x4 car hire, and high fees for the parks, make a safari more expensive than a regular holiday. When traveling alone or with 2 pax, these costs of the car can’t be shared with other people, and that is exactly the reason why we provide group safaris. Each safari vehicle has 6 seats - so the groups still stay very small - but at least you can share the prices of the car with fellow travellers to decrease the price by almost half.

    Why Shadows Of Africa?

    The high quality of your game drive is guaranteed:

    • Shadows Of Africa chooses the best camping accommodations, and you even have the chance to upgrade your accommodations for a small additional cost.
    • The cars used for our group safaris have the same luxury quality compared to the vehicles we use for a private safari - which makes Shadows Of Africa unique. Other companies might not guarantee WiFi, charging panels, or a fridge on board, while the Shadows vehicles have it all!
    • On top of that our guides are super experienced and you will know everything about wildlife and nature when you come back from your safari.


    From the 1st of August 2021 - we will provide a 4-day tour each Monday, and every weekend from Friday to Sunday another group will go on a 3-day safari.

    You can book your own seat - for only $690,- per person for the 3-day tour and $1000,- per person for a 4-day tour. Our departures are already guaranteed with 2 participants!

    The 3-day tours visits are:

    • Friday: Departure from Arusha to Lake Manyara national park
    • Saturday: Full day game drive in Ngorongoro Crater
    • Sunday: Game drive in Tarangire national park with drop off in Arusha

    The 4-day tour:

    • Monday: Departure from Arusha to Lake Manyara national park or Tarangire
    • Tuesday: Transfer through Ngorongoro conservation area, afternoon game drive in Serengeti
    • Wednesday: Full day game drive in Serengeti national park, afternoon transfer to the crater rim for overnight
    • Thursday: Morning descend in the Ngorongoro crater, after lunch transfer to Arusha.


    These tours are also doable when coming from Zanzibar! Shadows Of Africa can arrange flights for you that arrive in the morning on your first day of the safari, and return to Zanzibar in the afternoon on your last safari day. Prices depend on flight availability.

    I want to book my seat

    If you want to book one of our safaris or you have more questions about this safari, you can contact us by email at info@shadowsofafrica.com or you can send a WhatsApp message to +1 585 213 5821

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  • Ten Amazing Things to do in Serengeti National Park

    May 6, 2019

    Ten Amazing Things to do in Serengeti National Park


    The very name conjures up a wealth of images, doesn't it?

    Wide open plains dotted with wildebeest, zebras, and antelope as far as the eye can see.

    A pride of lions painted red-gold by the rising sun as they prowl through the tall grass in search of a morning meal.

    The chortling of hippos as they wallow in their pools to escape the heat of the midday sun.

    Brightly colored hot air balloons floating lazily in the crisp, clear morning air.

    Tanzania's Serengeti National Park is one of the world's most beloved and recognizable wilderness areas, and there is so much more to do than 'just' go out on game drives.

    Are you planning a safari to Tanzania's Serengeti National Park? Here are the top 5 things you need to do on a Serengeti safari trip in Tanzania! #serengeti #safari #tanzania #travel

    10 - Go on a Nature Walk

    Walking safaris are not as common in East Africa as they might be in South Africa, but there are still opportunities to stretch your legs.

    Depending on where you are staying, you may have the chance to take a guided nature walk.

    While not technically a walking safari, these nature walks give you a chance to learn about local flora and fauna and soak in the utter quiet of the Serengeti plains.

    Ask your Shadows of Africa safari expert how you can ensure your tented camp or lodge offers guided nature walks.

    9 - Enjoy a Bush Dinner

    Regardless of where you are staying, your meals on the Serengeti are going to be something special. From BBQ buffets to traditional cuisine to succulent Chinese or Indian meals, you're not going to go hungry!

    If you're looking to have a romantic dinner for two, many properties offer a bush dinner away from the main restaurant.

    Little by candles or a crackling fire, you'll dine under the stars with table service as if you were in a five-star restaurant. A bush dinner is a great way to add a little extra romance to your Serengeti safari.


    8 - Camp Under the Stars

    While we're on the subject of stars, there is something primal and magical about pitching a tent out on the Serengeti and falling asleep to the sounds of the wilderness.

    Shadows of Africa are experts at arranging camping safaris. We not only provide all of your camping equipment but send along one of our staff chefs to ensure you're eating well. Got a dietary requirement? Don't worry: our chefs have you covered!

    Camping on safari can be a great way to conserve your budget as well, although we don't advise it during a rainy season safari.

    7 - Take a Night Game Drive

    Night game drives are not allowed within Tanzanian National Parks and that holds true of the Serengeti, but it is possible to take a night game drive in one of the neighboring conservancies.

    If seeing the Serengeti by moonlight and spotlight is on your bucket list, you'll need to be staying at Buffalo Tented Lodge. Buffalo Tented Lodge is one of the only properties in all of Tanzania who can lead night game drives.

    You can also take a night game drive as part of your visit to Tarangire National Park, with a number of properties offering the experience.

    6 - See the Moru Kopjes

    Scattered around the heart of the Serengeti's Seronera region are towering piles of stones known as kopjes. Popular with lions who like to stretch out on them to soak up the sun, they are a distinctive feature of the Central Serengeti.

    No game drive to the Serengeti would be complete without observing a lazy pride of lions stretching, playing, and relaxing on the stones that inspired The Lion King's Pride Rock.

    It is even possible overnight close to these impressive structures, with tented camps such as Kisura Tented Camp and Ole Serai Moru Kopjes built in the shadows of these massive rock formations.


    5 - Relax by the Pool

    After a long and dusty day out on safari, there are few feelings more heavenly than slipping into a deliciously cold pool and soaking in the last of the sun's rays. While not all properties on the Serengeti can boast a pool, those that do are great for families on safari with children.

    Properties such as Melia Serengeti and the Four Seasons Safari Lodge boast truly impressive infinity pools from which you can indulge in a little game-viewing, with poolside service of cocktails a great way to finish your day.

    Relaxing by a Hippo Pool

    Of course, tourists aren't the only ones who enjoy a good soak on a hot day. The Serengeti's resident hippos love a good wallow!

    The Retina Hippo Pool is located in the Seronera region of the Serengeti and is a great spot to photograph yawning hippos from the safety of your safari vehicle.


    4 - Take a Sunrise Game Drive

    Many of the Serengeti's animals are most active during the cooler morning and evening hours, making a sunrise game drive the perfect opportunity to spot leopards, lions, cheetahs, hyenas, and other crepuscular animals on the move. If you're intent on seeing African Wild Dogs, this is also the best time to spot the elusive pack hunters.

    Shadows of Africa allows its clients unlimited game drives between 06:00 and 18:00 (park operating hours), so all you need to do is let your driver know that you'd like a sunrise game drive and he'll make it happen.

    Whether you take a picnic breakfast with you or return to your lodge to take full advantage on the buffet, a sunrise game drive is an invigorating way to start your day. Just don't forget to bring a coat!

    3 - Stay in a Luxury Tented Camp

    There's something magical about falling asleep to the sound of lions roaring and Wildebeest... doing whatever it is they do.

    Pitching a tent at the heart of the Serengeti isn't everybody's cup of tea, so the luxury tented camps of the Serengeti offer a nice balance between creature comforts and, well, creatures.

    Offering the perfect blend of modern comfort and closeness to nature, the luxury tented camps of the Serengeti are hugely popular year round. Budget tented camps such as Thorntree and Kisura are the entry-level properties on the Serengeti, but luxury options like Ole Serai, Kubu Kubu, and Lemala Nanyuki are redefining the glamping experience.

    Whatever your budget, it wouldn't be a visit to the Serengeti without at least one night in a tented camp. However, if you're visiting Tanzania during the rainy season, a brick and mortar lodge is the best option.


    2 - Take a Hot Air Balloon Safari

    For a little added romance on your trip, you should consider adding a hot air balloon safari.

    Nothing can compare to the feeling of soaring several thousand feet above the plains of the Serengeti at sunrise. You're afforded a completely unique view of the Serengeti and its inhabitants, and the silence is utterly remarkable.

    Once you touch down on the open plains, you'll enjoy a decadent champagne breakfast out in the wilderness. It's the perfect way to celebrate a birthday or anniversary. We've even had several clients pop the question after their hot air balloon safari!


    1 - Witness a River Crossing

    The #1 attraction in all of East Africa, the annual Wildebeest Migration sees more than a million wildebeest and zebras making the arduous journey north onto Kenya's Maasai Mara. The Serengeti plays host to the migration for much of the year, but from July to September each year, you can get front row seats to the high drama of a river crossing.

    Speak with your Shadows of Africa safari expert about the best time to see the river crossing and they'll arrange for your trip to take you into the Kogatende and Lobo regions of the Serengeti.

    Our six-day River Crossing Safari and five-day Flying River Crossing Safari are the most popular options for seeing a river crossing, but any of our itineraries can be modified to include a visit to the Northern Serengeti.

    If time allows, you should also consider a cross-country safari to both Kenya and Tanzania. This way, you'll have the chance to see a river crossing from both sides!

    Here are the five things you need to add to your Serengeti safari itinerary! If you're heading to Tanzania's Serengeti for a safari trip, don't miss out on these five adventure activities! #travel #safari #serengeti #tanzania


    A Wealth of Options

    As you can see, there is no shortage of things to do in Serengeti National Park.

    Speak with your Shadows of Africa safari expert about how to maximize your enjoyment of your Serengeti safari.

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