by Chris
January 20, 2018

A Tanzania Safari & A Zanzibar Escape: A Perfect Combination

When it comes to Tanzania, there are perhaps three images that leap to the forefront of your mind:

  • The vast plains of the Serengeti alive with life as Wildebeest graze, lions prowl, and birds circle overhead;
  • The dazzling white sand and turquoise waters of Zanzibar's beaches;
  • The towering majesty of the Roof of Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro.

For many people, the trip from home to Tanzania can be a long and expensive one, so it makes sense to try and combine at least two of Tanzania's most spectacular attractions into one trip.

Thankfully for you, Shadows of Africa has a number of specialized itineraries that perfectly blend the safari experience with a little rest and relaxation on the pristine beaches of Zanzibar.

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Combining Zanzibar with a Safari

Zanzibar is serviced by Zanzibar International Airport, from which dozens of domestic flights depart each and every day.

This makes it easy to get from the Spice Island to Tanzania's safari capital, Arusha without too much fuss.

With flights with carriers such as Tropical Air and Precision being quite affordable, it is easy to combine your beach escape with a safari adventure.

It's even possible to fly directly to parks such as Lake Manyara and the Serengeti from Zanzibar! Chat with your safari expert about how you can fly right to the heart of the action as part of your safari.


Short Zanzibar Safari Escapes

For those who have a few extra days on Zanzibar who want to have the Tanzanian safari experience, Shadows of Africa have a number of short escapes that allow you to get a taste of the safari lifestyle.

Two Day Safari to Tarangire National Park

Make Tanzania's most underrated national park a part of your Zanzibar experience with this two day itinerary.

Setting off in the morning, you'll arrive in Arusha shortly after noon and proceed immediately north to Tarangire National Park for a thorough exploration of the park's unique landscapes.


About Tarangire National Park

Home to Tanzania's largest herds of elephants, Tarangire's distinctive landscape is defined by its towering baobab trees and its semi-arid terrain.

While on your afternoon game drive in the park, you'll have the chance to spot lions, buffalo, baboons, antelope, zebras, giraffes, and much more.

Your two day Tarangire escape also includes an overnight in or around the park and a morning game drive before returning to Zanzibar.

Read more about our two day Tarangire safari from Zanzibar.

Two Day Maasai and Arusha National Park Experience

Tanzania's culture is every bit as fascinating as its unique landscapes and its famous animal residents, and it would be a shame to leave without having interacted with the Maasai people.

Our two day Maasai and Arusha National Park safari lets you spend some time with the Maasai while also venturing into Arusha National Park for a game drive.


The Africa Amini Maasai Experience

There is no better way to immerse yourself in Maasai culture than with a night at the fantastic Africa Amini Maasai Lodge. Run by a local Maasai community, this luxury lodge blends Maasai traditions with western comforts.

You'll not only overnight in a traditional Maasai boma set on a hill at the heart of the Tanzanian grasslands, you'll also get to participate in a variety of Maasai led activities.

From sunset dancing to spear throwing to guide nature walks to sitting around a campfire swapping stories, your journey of cultural immersion is sure to stay with you long after you've returned home.

Read more about the lodge on our blog or on Aussie on the Road.

monkey tanzania arusha

About Arusha National Park

Before returning to Zanzibar, you'll venture into Arusha National Park to explore its lush forests and sparkling lakes.

While Arusha National Park is not home to large game or predators, you'll find Tanzania's largest giraffe herds as well as a variety of primates and bird life. Hippos wallow in the Momella Lakes while brightly coloured birds and cheeky monkeys move through the forest canopies.

If a game drive isn't what you're looking for, you can trade the car for a guided hike or even a canoe safari before returning to Zanzibar in the evening.

Read more about our two day Maasai and Arusha National Park safari from Zanzibar.

Three Day Safari Escape

For those with a little more time, our three day safari escape lets you see a bit more of what Tanzania has to offer.

You'll combine the World Heritage listed Ngorongoro Conservation Area with game drives in both Tarangire and Lake Manyara National Park before returning to your island in the sun.


About Ngorongoro Conservation Area

One of Tanzania's most famous wilderness areas, the sprawling Ngorongoro Conservation Area is perhaps best known for the colossal crater in which visitors can expect to see everything from endangered black rhinoceros to brightly coloured flamingos to prides of lions.

On par with the Serengeti when it comes to the quality of its game-viewing, Ngorongoro Crater offers some of the world's best safari conditions.


Lake Manyara and Tarangire

You'll also pay a visit to the twin parks of Lake Manyara and Tarangire as a part of your three-day escape.

Located just two hours' drive apart, Lake Manyara and Tarangire offer something completely different.

Semi-arid Tarangire is famed for its large herds of elephants and its dramatic landscapes, while verdant Lake Manyara is the place to go for wallowing hippos, tree-climbing lions, and a startling variety of bird life.

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Fishermen going out to sea at sunrise on Zanzibar

Combined Safari and Zanzibar Itineraries

If time is not an issue, Shadows of Africa can also arrange more complete itineraries that seamlessly blend a comprehensive Tanzanian safari experience with an extended stay on the beaches of Zanzibar.

It's as simple as picking your favourite Tanzania safari itinerary from our massive selection, working with your Shadows of Africa safari expert to customize it, and then choosing what kind of experience you'd like on Zanzibar.

You can check our comprehensive guide to Zanzibar accommodation for a better idea of where to stay and what each area of the island has to offer.

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It's so easy to combine the stunning beaches of Zanzibar with the world-class game viewing that you can find only in Tanzanian National Parks.

If you're flying all the way to Africa, why not combine your Tanzanian safari experience with some rest & relaxation on some of the world's most beautiful beaches?

Are you interested in an African safari?

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