Skeleton Coast


Details of Skeleton Coast

A long stretch of dunes, canyons, and mountain ranges that comprise Namibia's northern coast, the Skeleton Coast gets its ominous name from the sheer number of shipwrecks that litter its treacherous shores. A combination of the Atlantic's rough surf, the strong Benguela current, and the mists that shroud the coast each morning lead many a trader, whaler, and fur trader to their untimely demise along the coast.

amibia Skeleton Coast

Inland from the treacherous but scenic shores, the Skeleton National Park is home to game animals such as the big cats (leopard, lion, and cheetah), the black rhinoceros, and Namibia's famous desert adapted elephants.

Elephants at Namibia Skeleton Coast

The best way to see it all is with a fly-over trip (especially the shipwrecks), but it is also possible to explore the area by car and some fantastic fishing can be found both in the ocean and in the rivers that flow into the ocean.

Namibia Skeleton Coast

Short Overview

Whether surfing or sailing, fishing or diving - the Skeleton Coast is a ruggedly beautiful stretch of coastline renowned not only for its marine activities, but also the presence of the nearby Skeleton National Park - a park boasting four of the Big Five!

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