Details of Luderitz

A colourful fishing town on the southern coast, Luderitz's charming German Art Nouveau buildings give it an instant charm. Visitors often use the sleepy coastal town as a base from which to launch their explorations of both the surrounding desert and the outlying islands.

Namibia Luderitz

Nearby Kolmanskop is a ghost town and former diamond mine that can be visited to get a better understanding of both the early 20th century diamond trade and the harsh desert conditions in which residents had to dwell. This formerly wealthy settlement once boasted such mod-cons as a swimming pool, bowling alley, and even the first X-Ray machine in the southern hemisphere!

Guided or self-drive tours of the nearby Namib-Naukluft or Sperrgebiet National Parks are also available from Luderitz.

Namibia Luderitz

On the Atlantic Ocean side of things, the town provides excellent access to Dias Point and the islands that host Namibia's largest colony of African Penguins, Heaviside Dolphins, Cape Fur Seals, and even migrating whales.

Penguins at Namibia Luderitz

Last, but certainly not least, Luderitz plays host to the world's premier kite and wind-surfing event each year, with the Luderitz Speed Challenge taking place in November/December each year. For those wishing to learn this popular activity, a kite-surfing school located in Luderitz offers lessons.

Short Overview

Luderitz’ brightly coloured colonial architecture stands out immediately, setting this quaint fishing town aside from other in Africa. With desert on one side and the steely blue of the Atlantic on the other, it is an ideal gateway from which to explore either.

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