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May 13, 2014

If time is of essence and getting straight to the action is your priority, it is possible to cut out a long drive in favour of a much shorter flight.

You can breakfast in Arusha or Nairobi and be in the heart of the Wildebeest Migration well before lunch!

Fly into the heart of the Serengeti!


For most of the year, we encourage our clients take their time in getting to the Serengeti and enjoy the parks along the way such as Lake Manyara or Tarangire.

But during the Wildebeest Migration, the Serengeti takes centre stage and it is often best to get there as soon as possible to maximize your time there and your chances of seeing a river crossing.

Departing from Arusha in the morning, you'll fly to the very heart of the Serengeti. Whether you're in the vast park for a day or several days, you'll then have the option to either fly back to Arusha or take a more leisurely approach.

Once you've seen the very best that the Serengeti has to offer, why not swing by Ngorongoro, Tarangire, or Lake Manyara on your way home?

Flying safaris are an excellent option for families as well. With the drive to the Serengeti being a lengthy one, it is sometimes hard to keep young children happy. With a flying safari, you're on the ground little more than an hour after departing.

Fly to the Masai Mara


It's not just the Serengeti that makes a good flying destination. Kenya's Masai Mara Reserve, itself host to the Wildebeest Migration, is also a popular destination for flying safaris.

With the drive from Nairobi to the Masai Mara up to six hours, it's a convenient and comfortable way to get to where the action is in a hurry.

Samburu Reserve, also in Kenya, is another park where flying safaris can cut out a long drive.

Want to know more?

Shadows of Africa offers a number of pre-designed flying safari itineraries, but we can also design one specific to your requests.

Check out the examples below or get in touch with the team to start planning now!


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