by Chris
March 8, 2019

Can You Go on Safari During Rainy Season?

As an equatorial country, Tanzania experiences wet and dry seasons rather than the usual four seasons.
In April, May, and November each year, the skies turn dark, the savannah blooms green, and the roads run with mud.
Planning a safari during rainy season might not seem like a good idea, but the Shadows of Africa team has a few tricks to ensure you can experience Africa all year round.

Challenges of a Rainy Season Safari

Obviously, going on a safari during the rainy season isn't quite as good as going during the dry season.
While the rain is not constant, it does lead to muddy roads that can cause delays in travel. The extra rain also means taller grass for animals to hide in. You're also likely to be batting away mosquitos and tsetse flies.

With all of that being said, why on earth would you go on safari during the rainy season!?

  • Better prices (see below)
  • A greener, more vibrant safari
  • Did I already mention better prices?

Seriously, if you are looking to live out your dream safari without breaking the bank, a safari during the rainy season is a fantastic way to make it happen.

Low Season = Low Prices

While the roads may be muddy and the tall grass can occasionally make it harder to spot a prowling lion, it is still possible to have an unforgettable green season safari.
In fact, parks such as Lake Manyara National Park are actually at their best during the rainy season. The additional rainfall attracts hippos, crocodiles, and more to drink at the lake's edge, making it easier than ever to spot wildlife.

The best part? Low season means low prices on luxury lodges!

The annual rainy season sees luxury lodges lowering their prices to equal or even less than medium tented camps, making it a great time to experience once in a lifetime properties such as the Four Seasons.

Skip Zanzibar

While you can still have a fantastic safari during the Tanzanian and Kenyan rainy season, the same isn't true for beach vacations.
Zanzibar is lovely year-round, but a visit during Tanzania's rainy season can lead to a lot of days spent indoors.
If you have your heart set on ending your time in Africa with a beach vacation, consider paying a visit to Seychelles, Mauritius, or the Maldives on your way home.
Shadows of Africa can arrange a variety of Indian Ocean beach escapes.

Uganda and Rwanda

While the rainy season can make for a muddy safari, gorilla and chimpanzee trekking are always a muddy experience!
Couple this with the fact gorilla permits are far less likely to be sold out on your dates, and you have a recipe for the perfect time to go gorilla trekking.

Combining Rwanda and Uganda into one extended trip can be a great way to combine gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking, a traditional safari, and cultural exploration into a single, jam-packed itinerary.
Check out our popular Pearl of Africa safari to get a feel for just how diverse the region can be!

Go South!

If dealing with the rain, mud, and mosquitos doesn't appeal to you, there are still plenty of options.
Shadows of Africa can also arrange safaris adventures in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Madagascar, and Namibia.
While it may be rainy season in East Africa, the South is experiencing some of its best weather of the year.

Victoria Falls is in full flood, South Africa is experiencing its autumn months, and you're catching a shoulder season that sees slightly cheaper prices.


Namibia is a country of stark beauty. Famed for the towering dunes of Sossusvlei, the country is truly breathtaking.
Namibia is also home to the world's second largest canyon, world-class game driving in Etosha National Park, and the windswept Skeleton Coast.
April and May mark the beginning of Namibia's peak season, so you'll be experiencing it at its very best.

South Africa

April and May are also the wet season in South Africa, but the rainfall is sparse and the renewed greenery makes for world-class bird-watching.
South Africa's diverse offerings include hiking, wine tasting, scenic driving, shark diving, and so much more - there really is no bad time to visit the Rainbow Nation!


The famous Victoria Falls are at peak volume during April and May, making it the perfect time to visit the home of Great Zimbabwe.
While it is most famous for Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe is also home to a number of fantastic game-drive destinations including Hwange National Park and Mana Pools National Park.
You can also combine your visit to Zimbabwe with a safari adventure in nearby Botswana.


Looking for cool days and pleasant evenings? Botswana is in its dry season during May!
While some lodges close down at this time of year, others lower their rates to attract customers - making it an excellent time to score an excellent deal on luxury Botswana accommodation.


Madagascar will have just finished its wild and stormy rainy season in April, so the country is alive with life and lush greenery.
While you are still likely to run into rain each day, the warmer weather and renewed life make for a fantastic tourist experience.

Planning on visiting Africa during rainy season for a safari? Here's how to make the most out of your safari trip during the rainy season in April and May. Plan your East African safari any time of year with our rainy season safari guide. #safari #africa #tanzania #kenya #travel

As you can see, planning a safari during rainy season doesn't have to be a stressful experience. The Shadows of Africa team can arrange your dream safari rain, hail, or shine.

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