• Things to do at Lake Naivasha

    Chris Walker Bush
    March 11, 2017
    Lake Naivasha is a popular stop on Kenyan safaris due to its proximity to a number of other attractions. Read on to find out why it should feature on your itinerary.
  • Big Five and The Hadzabe tribe

    March 5, 2017

    Our clients Riho, Monika, Raivo, and Karin left snowy Estonia to start a new African adventure. Though they are experienced travelers, they seemed very excited when we met them at the airport in Arusha. Our driver Musa sent us some pictures from their safari and they are really impressive!

    One of the most unique things about Tanzania is the world-famous Wildebeest Migration which takes place throughout almost the entire year. Our travelers were lucky to come at the time of the calving season and see lots of wildebeest moving in the Seronera region of the Serengeti. This is the time when predators are chasing them and their newborn kids.

    Aside from the migration, our Estonian tourists also spotted the Big Five including small elephants and big prides of lions. They even saw a rhino in Ngorongoro in the company of some hulking buffaloes.

    After experiencing Tanzania’s wildlife, Riho and his companions woke up early in the morning to experience hunting with the Hadzabe tribe which lives close to Lake Eyasi. Meeting this tribe is another unique experience as they have been leaving out of the civilized world for hundreds of years.

    At the end of the trip, our clients met the Datoga people – a tribe of farmers and craftsmen. They are neighbors with the Hadzabe and even sell them some metal tools like knives and arrowheads.


  • The Calving Season Safari

    March 4, 2017

    Our clients Bradley, Risa, Alejandro, and Giovanna decided to go for a safari during the calving season. They had a six day safari with a night in Arusha in order to explore Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti, and Lake Manyara National Park. In their itinerary, our travelers combined lodges with luxury tented camps. It is the best way to be close to wild nature, but still enjoy a comfortable stay.

    But of course, the main point of the trip was to see the most famous African animals, and they were lucky enough to spot all of the Big 5, including a rhino in Ngorongoro Crater.

    They also saw four cheetahs, as well as a lot of zebras, giraffes, wildebeests and antelopes. Our guide Musa shared some pictures from their trip!

    Tanzania is one of the best destinations for a safari and every  trip of our customers prove it!

  • Lunch at The Kibowa Orphanage

    February 20, 2017

    Look at these happy faces! The children at the Kibowa orphanage received food supplies for a couple of months recently. We could provide it thanks to a generous donation from Ken and Linda Cohen, 2 of our USA clients. Their donations were so generous that we brought food deliveries to Kibowa twice!  Once around Christmas week and the rest about a month later!

    The children from the orphanage really appreciated all the gifts and kindly invited us for lunch to share what they have. They didn’t forget to feed the cat who seemed to be the happiest in the room. He was getting food from everyone!

    Wonderful thing about the children at the Kibowa orphanage is that they share and help each other. They brought bags to the kitchen by themselves like one amicable family. They help the mamas to cook and to take care of the house. All of them are going to school which is not far from a new building that the orphanage has moved into.

    Our team thinks that all of these kids deserve a nice education. And we are sure they will study and work hard to get the best future they can for themselves and for Tanzania. Their smiles are the best gift that we can receive. Thank you to Ken and Linda as it is not possible without their help!

  • "Mother Bear" Visited Tanzanian Orphanage

    January 30, 2017

    The Shadows of Africa Team has a fantastic source of inspiration: our customers. Not only adventurers, but people with open hearts and great ways of thinking.

    Patty and Kathleen from the USA brought one extra bag for their safari. We were surprised to find out it was full of hand-made bears. Kathleen has been a part of the community, “Mother Bear” for fourteen years and they have sent thousands of bears to different African countries.

    Now her dream came true – she finally had an opportunity to give these bears to kids in person!Lesia and Julia from our team joined the ladies for the orphanage visit. They headed to Africa Amini Life, which is famous not only because of its unique lodge but because of its successful social projects such as the local hospital, school, and orphanage support.

    One of the founders of Africa Amini, Austrian doctor Kornelia Wallner, met guests in the hospital and escorted them to the orphanage. She shared a story about a newborn child they’d just saved from death. Unfortunately, the mother died giving birth, but the baby was strong enough to survive. That’s why they gave her the name, Leon, which sounds close to “lion”.

    It seems like these bears really have lots of a mother’s warmth that kids from the orphanage are looking for. All of them were more than excited to get their presents and started playing immediately, trying to guess their new friends’ names. Kathleen and Peggy taught the kids to sing a “Teddy Bear Song” and the kids all banded together to teach the ladies how to sing a popular local song, “Jambo”.

    We are proud of our travelers who can bring additional meaning to their African journey. It’s not that hard to do something great and important in your life, you just need to be brave enough to start!

  • Charming Pongwe Beach Hotel

    January 23, 2017

    Sometimes you understand that you like a hotel by the style of its rooms, the nice location,or the quality of its service,but sometimes you just come to a hotel and get the feeling you don’t want to leave. This happened to Lesia and Julia at the Pongwe Beach Hotel in Zanzibar.

    Located in the one of the most picturesque parts of the island paradise, the resort can boast its own quiet beach, eco-friendly villas, and amazing food. You will have a break from the real world in your room with no TV or Internet, so you will forget all troubles and just enjoy. However, you can still use Wi Fi in the public areas of the hotel. Don’t worry!

    Lesia and Julia experienced a lunch in Pongwe and it was delicious. They were treated with tomato soup, fresh Dorado with some vegetables, and ice-cream for  dessert.

    Later, when the tide was high enough, the girls decided to check out the beach. The water was so clear that you could imagine yourself being in a beautiful lagoon. That was one of their favorite beach experiences in Zanzibar.

    While you sunbathe or frolic on the shore, the staff from the hotel is treating you with fresh fruits. When the tide is low, you can still swim in the hotel’s pool and enjoy the view.

    The Pongwe Beach Hotel is perfect for those who want real relaxation far from hustle and bustle.


  • Kichanga Lodge - Romantic Zanzibari Escape

    January 23, 2017

    A romantic Zanzibari escape, picturesque beach, tasty food, stylish bungalows – all is waiting for you in Kichanga Lodge. Kichanga is a little bit wild but it has such  good style and taste.

    Once you enter the lodge – you’re greeted by an atmosphere of complete relaxation. We are sure that the first secret to its amazing atmosphere is hidden in the staff working in Kichanga. We were treated to amazing hospitality while  staying with Kichanga and felt absolutely  at home. The people are so warm hearted and sincerely happy to welcome you and do everything possible to make you feel special and comfortable. They have a personal touch with every each client.

    We had a chance to meet the owner of the lodge personally. Nigel Firman is a British- Italian guy who has spent 12 years of his life on Zanzibar. He came to South- Eastern part of the island to open Kichanga while it was completely wild land without roads, fresh water,or electricity. Years of experience have made this place like a slice of paradise.



    Another very important thing to note is that Nigel and the management of Kichanga have a charity project for the local community. The idea of the project is to help local people to learn how to swim. It’s not all about business at Kichanga, it’s also about taking  good care of people.

    The property’s 23 bungalows & villas are perfect for those who love nature and appreciate privacy. Kichanga Lodge enjoys a prime location surrounded by tropical gardens, a picturesque white beach, and the crystal clear Indian Ocean.

    Guests will find the bungalows to be very spacious and comfortable, with a private hammock on the veranda where you can stay and admire the sunset over the ocean. Inside of  each bungalow there is  natural air conditioning – the absence of windows allows the ocean’s breath to refresh the air and cool you off.

    Additionally,every room has nice beach amenities such as a beach bag and towels. Kichanga is a great place to clear your mind and to forget about the whole world.

  • From Dubai to Big Five!

    January 9, 2017

    Last week we had guests from Dubai, UAE. Yevgenia and Ilya decided to have an adventurous vacation this year. They visited four national parks, including Lake Manyara, Tarangire, Serengeti, and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

    They also  visited Africa Amini Maasai Lodge for a night of relaxation and activities with the local Maasai.

    Yevgenia and Ilya were lucky to see the Big Five, with some highlights including watching how lions stalk zebras and even witnessing the thrill of a leopard killing a wildebeest!

    Of course, it means lots of great pictures and unforgettable memories! Just look at these photos, they are really good photographers, aren’t they?

  • Unguja Lodge and Its Monkeys

    January 9, 2017

    Have you ever been in love with a hotel?  That what happened to us after visiting Unguja Lodge in the North East of Zanzibar.

    Unguja Lodge was a big surprise for us. If you compare it to all classic hotels with usual all inclusive packages, Unguja will look very different. The lodge’s villas are located right in front of the ocean, with some of rooms having strategically missing sections of wall or roof to bring you closer to nature.


    The resort’s grounds are home to a lot of monkeys, so you’ll need to be sure to keep your room locked to fend off these cute thieves. Don’t be surprised to come back to your lodge and find that you’ve got a furry guest!

    Unguja’s stretch of beach is perfect for swimming with dolphins. You can ask the hotel to take you there by boat and enjoy meeting these fantastic creatures. If you want to go deeper and explore the marine wonders of Zanzibar, Unguja also has its own diving center. So you can even get your PADI certification there.

    Of course, this place is not for people looking for parties, but it will be perfect if you prefer to enjoy the serenity of nature in full.


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