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December 3, 2013
Once you find out which part od Serengeti is the best place to be, you have to choose accommodation suitable for you! (if  you missed this post you can find it here:
There is huge selection of several types of hotels, lodges, there are tented camps as well as mobile tented camps in Serengeti, which means they change location twice or three times a year with accordance with great wildebeest migration. With mobile camps you can be sure you will always be close to wildlife happening.
It depends on you what you expect from accommodation – there is an abundance of luxury tents that cater and deliver equal comfort as built lodges, but there is also medium price range for those who want to spend less on overnight.
This post will help you see the tented camps and lodges in Serengeti.
We have divided Serengeti to North, South, Central and  West . And once you know what time of the year you will visit Serengeti, and once you inform yourself where approximately great migration supposed to be at that time of the season its time to select the place to stay during safari to Tanzania.
This post  is about Tanzanian side only, but don’t worry, Serengeti is  enormous park , there is a neat place in every part of the Serengeti park.

Where to Stay and Sleep in Northern Serengeti:


Where to Sleep in Central Serengeti?

and many many more, visit our website:

We are presenting most common and popular choices to stay in Serengeti, if you wish to discover even more lodges and camps in Serengeti, we have created a database on our website and you can filter your search to Serengeti park, Serengeti north, west, central, south as well as you can add filter by budget and our search engine will show you most appropriate search results according to your input.

How to find Serengeti Lodges, Tented camps on our website?

So if you are about to search for Serengeti accommodation options on our site, go to
From the top menu hover with your mouse ACCOMMODATION tab and a sub menu will open up, then click  Accommodation in Tanzania.
After this you will see a list showing you all possible options, about 200 places to stay in Tanzania, but on the menu on the left you have options to filter your search by  location where you will also find divisions of Serengeti.
Select on the left the part of Serengeti you are interested in and you will see the accommodation options listed.
You can browse in the same way for other locations within Tanzania, we covered all destinations.
With every hotel, lodge, you click you will also see the facilites icons, where you can quickly see if hotel, lodge has pool is it family friendly, do they offer WiFi, is it inside the national park…
Get advantage of our tool as this tool has been created for you to help you find Quickly what you need!
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