Mto Wa Mbu village walk


Details of Mto Wa Mbu village walk

Mto Wa Mbu, situated on the main road before Kratu town, surrounded by breathtaking scenery is believed to be home of representatives of all Tanzania's 120 tribal groups.
This melting pot of cultures is home to around 20000 people, that form a flourishing farming community.
Observe their farms, milling machines, schools, markets and churches. Visit the village banana plantation and a youth art group, where you'll see different painting techniques.
Enter a workshop watching skilful members of the Makonde tribe carve detailed figurines, masks and household objects out of wood.
Do visit a local ‘bar’ to try Mbege. A traditional banana and millet beer is brewed and drunk mainly by the Chagga tribe.
After a brief refreshment don't miss the bustling local market. Take in the intoxicating scents of spices, and feast your eyes on colourful fruit and vegetable stalls.
Your guide is from the village, so seize the opportunity to see the community through their eyes and ask detailed questions. 

Short Overview

This unique village in Tanzania is home to over 120 different tribes from across Africa. A light stroll through the village offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the remarkable diversity of peoples.

We'll take you to a 2-hour stroll through the local farming village Mto Wa Mbu. Local farms, homes, schools, a kindergarten, the market and milling machines will array your walk. A local lunch is a recommended option!

Walks are available mornings or afternoons. Relax and grab a local lunch in the village centre or indulge in one of the restaurants in Mto Wa Mbu. 

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