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Few images are as representative of East Africa as the brightly coloured Masai warriors. They continue to live the proud, pseudo-nomadic lifestyle despite the rapid modernisation of Tanzania and Kenya.

Predominantly cattle breeders measure a man's worth in the number of cattle he owns and the number of children he fathers. The latter is depending heavily upon the former.

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Traditionally, the Masai people are recognizable by their distinct attire. Women spend much of their spare time doing beadwork, and they often adorn their bodies with their creations as well as bracelets and earrings of wood or bone.

As a patriarchal society, men play an important role in a Masai tribe. In addition to the council of elders who handle the day to day running of a village, warriors (or il-murran) are a focal point of Masai society.

From an early age, boys are sent out to mind the herds, while their sisters work with their mothers to learn skills such as cooking and milking.

Many authentic Masai villages do not welcome tourists, but tourist-friendly villages and markets welcome those wishing to purchase Masai goods or meet with Masai people

Short Overview

Just as famous as the Serengeti plains, Mount Kilimanjaro, the big five or the Wildebeest migration are the Masai, Africa's undoubtedly most famed tribal people. Their brightly coloured wraps, distinctive dance and song as well as the iconic circular bomas are a lifetime memory to hold on.

Don't miss the opportunity to visit a Masai village between Ngorongoro and the Serengeti National Park. Join them in their infectious dance, seize the opportunity to see the day to day life of a Masai village, and purchase some locally made jewellery to adorn. If your tour takes you a different path, we can organize a visit to another village on your route.

Make a stop and visit a traditional Masai village halfway between the Ngorongoro crater and the Serengeti national park. Or opt for a longer visit - the Africa Amini life Masai lodge offers a charming blend of luxury accommodations and Masai traditions. While visiting, you'll overnight in a luxury Masai boma and will be invited to participate in different activities, such as nature walks, spear throwing competitions, beadwork classes, and traditional cooking.


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The Masai people of Tanzania and Kenya are every bit as famous as the animals or landscapes, and a visit with these fascinating tribal people is a must for any visitor to Africa.