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August 4, 2013

Endless opportunities for safari, trekking and climbing

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Kenya gives you an endless opportunities for safari, trekking and climbing adventures! You can choose amazing safari experience and observe the wildlife, adventureous trekking and climbing, experience rich culture heritage of Kenya or simply enjoy amazing beaches and coral reefs. Or simply choose you combination of everything above!

In Kenya the (word) name safari was born

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Kenya is actually dubbed the safari capital of the world and named after Mount Kenya which is the second highest mountain in Africa. Its numerous national parks and reserves offer home to numerous wildlife in the open savannahs, some of which are the most rare and threatened species. The last of the rain forests and most of the bird species are sheltered here.

Prime destinations for a safari

The ever photogenic landscapes and sceneries makes Kenya a sportsman’s paradise and a heaven for lovers. Kenya is worth a safari holiday, which will reveal the euthenics of the Africa wilderness and the best of Kenya wildlife and safari lodges. Best of African parks including Massai Mara, Amboseli, Lake Nakuru are the prime destinations on a safari.

Culture and tradition of the Kenya are as varied as the beautiful tribes of this great nation. From remote tribes of El Molo around Lake Turkana and Jemps around Lake Baringo to the world famous Masai tribes in the Great Rift Valley and the foot printless sandy beaches.

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Are you interested in an African safari?

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