by AdminSoa
August 7, 2013

Me and my boyfriend went on a trekking to the second highest mountain in Tanzania - Mt. Meru (4566 m). We decided for a 3 day hike from Mommela Gate and we had our own guide. 

We started at Mommela Gate (1500 m) and ascent to 2500 m. We walked for about 5 hours accompanied by other groups and an armed ranger (Mt. Meru lies inside the Arusha National Park area and there are buffalos and other wild animals). The nature is amazing, it is very green, there are streams and waterfalls. The first camp is named Miriakamba hut (2514 m). We were sleeping in one of the huts and had our own room because Mt. Meru is not as popular as Kilimanjaro and there were not many hikers. Second day we made another 1000 m ascent. Along the way there are some great views down into the crater and up to the summit. From Saddle hut (3570 m) we made a side trip to Little Meru (3820 m) in the afternoon. From Little Meru there is a great view to Kilimanjaro. First two days were not hard to walk but the third day was quite difficult. 


We started walking at 1 am and made it to the top in about 4 hours. It is a bit scary because you walk during the night with your headlight and there are some dangerous parts on the way. It was also very cold because the wind was blowing all the time. The way down is magnificent because you see a sun rise and Kilimanjaro in the background. We descended down to Mommela gate in the same day and we were really exhausted at the end.




 Our team was great, we had our own guide who adjusted his walk speed to us. We had 3 porters and our guide was also the cook. The trip was very well organized and kind. We recommend the trip to all who enjoy hiking and nature and are at least a bit physically prepared. We especially recommend to organize your trip with help from Shadows of Africa.

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