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November 2, 2012

Press: Shadows of Africa Launches Traveling With Purpos Packages To Tanzania in 2013 Shadows of Africa offers four new itineraries in Tanzania and Zanzibar with time also spent helping directly and indirectly at the Kibowa Orphanage in Arusha.

A unique travel agent is encouraging travelers planning their 2013 trips abroad to consider ‘traveling with purpose’ in the New Year.

Bespoke agency Shadows of Africa arranges sustainable safaris and tours throughout Africa. It has launched a dedicated ‘Traveling with Purpose’ package, combining four of its most popular itineraries with time spent at a local orphanage.


With a unique focus on making a positive contribution to the destinations visited and lasting impact on local people en-route, the new are designed to sate a thirst for adventure with the chance to spend time giving back. Combining an exploration of majestic Tanzania with the opportunity to meet new people, become immersed in a vibrant new culture and help those who need it most, Shadows of Africa’s 2013 Traveling with Purpose itineraries will benefit the Kibowa Orphanage in Arusha, Tanzania.

Anyone can book a place on a Traveling with Purpose

visite ophans

Natasa Fras, CEO said, “Our new Traveling with Purpose itineraries are a unique chance to see Tanzania through the eyes of an explorer, an adventurer and an individual whose little act of kindness means the world to the people encountered. Anyone can book a place on a Traveling with Purpose package and help by spending time with the children, sharing their skills or simply engaging in a daily activity. It is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to volunteer without the luxury of taking six months off work and to see Africa up close and personal, delving beneath the façade to discover what really makes the iconic landscape, cultures and people tick.”


In addition to volunteering at the orphanage, a proportion of the cost of the trip is devoted to the centre, helping to cover the daily cost of food for Kibowa’s 44 children as well as schooling, shoes, housing and supplies. Shadows of Africa has already placed each of the 44 children in a private school, which provides classes in English, and purchased books, clothes and daily meals.

Travelers can choose from eight, 13 and 18 day tours.


Option one couples two days at the orphans centre with an awe-inspiring Kilimanjaro climb, safari and several days relaxation on Zanzibar’s spice island. Set over 18 days, this itinerary can also be enjoyed over an eight day stay. A third itinerary sets aside a three day intern at Kibowa with the remainder of the 18 day trip dedicated to an extensive exploration of beautiful Tanzania.

help orphan africa tanzania

Time at the orphanage along with a cultural and safari adventure

For those with less time, a second 13 day alternative provides time at the orphanage along with a cultural and safari adventure. Ms Fras added, “All of those who have enjoyed a Travel with Purpose itinerary so far are still connected with us, helping to raise funds and promote the orphanage. Travel to Tanzania could be life changing. Whether you are planning the trip of a lifetime, a gap year abroad or simply need a holiday, you can make a difference when you travel, not only for yourself but for the people and places you visit.”

To learn more about the Traveling with Purpose packages, Kibowa orphanage and Shadows of Africa, see our programs.

About Shadows of Africa: Shadows of Africa is based in Tanzania, and offers a range of safari, trekking and climbing holidays. Each of its bespoke itineraries practices responsible tourism and creates sustainable jobs for Tanzanians. Shadows of Africa is passionate about giving back to the local community and has adopted a small orphanage, Kibowa, in Arusha.


Its recently launched Traveling with Purpose packages combine exciting safari and exploration holidays with volunteer work at the orphanage. In addition to donating time and skills, a proportion of the cost of the holiday is donated to the orphanage to help with everyday running costs.



UPDATE: Our travelling with purpose packages have been replaced with MEANINGFUL TRAVEL OFFERS

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