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June 18, 2013
  • Meaningful Travel - Learn, Help and Grow!

Meaningful Travel

You can travel and help the children with Shadows of Africa! Meet new people, be immersed in new cultures and make a difference where they need it most!

Our Meaningful travel programs are a unique chance to see Africa with a little act of kindness.

To join our program simply contact our tour advisors or request a free offer!

Meaningful Travel Programs - Learn, Help and Grow!

Meet new people, be immersed in new cultures and make a difference where they need it most!

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Unique Chance to See Africa

Our Meaningful travel programs are a unique chance to see Africa through the eyes of an explorer, an adventurer and an individual whose little act of kindness means the world to the people the encounters.

Whether you are planning the trip of a lifetime, a gap year abroad or simply need a holiday break, you can make a difference when you travel, not only for yourself but for the people and places you visit.

When you choose Meaningful travel programs, a proportion of the cost of the trip is devoted to the Kibowa orphanage centre, helping to cover the daily cost of food for Kibowa’s 48 children as well as schooling fees, shoes, housing and supplies.

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Travel and Help!

There is always an opportunity to give back while you travel, even for a short while. Meaningful Travel is aimed for travellers and visitors that don’t have months of free time for long term volunteering, but would like to do some charity work, dedicate unselfishly some time and skills with orphans we are sponsoring during their travels to Tanzania.

Embrace the opportunity to travel differently and help, as part of your travel funds will be dedicated to an orphanage Kibowa, which you will also visit and meet the children you will help . We believe in giving back to the communities that share their homeland with us. We are aware we cant save Africa, but we can help within our capabilities! We have adopted a small orphanage Kibowa in Arusha.

What Have We Done So Far

Shadows of Africa has already placed each of the 48 children in a private school, which provides classes in English, and purchased books, clothes and daily meals. As much as it may be considered for granted in Western world, education in Tanzania is still privilege and luxury for many Tanzanian children.

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