by Chris
September 1, 2015

About Hell's Gate National Park

Known for its landscape more than the wildlife it is home to, Hell's Gate National Park is an adventurer's playground boasting excellent hiking and cycling trails as well as the opportunity to really get the adrenaline pumping with abseiling or rock climbing.

Once a prehistoric lake, the Hell's Gate National Park is now remarkable for its unique landscape and the diverse wildlife that calls this small park home.

Also of note within the park's boundaries is the Olkaria Geothermal Station, the first of its kind in Africa.

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Hell's Gate Fact File

  • Location: 90km from Nairobi.
  • To Do: Hiking, cycling, horse riding, abseiling, game drives, and rock climbing.
  • Known For: Volcanic scenery.

Best Time to Visit

As a park not so dependent on game for its fame, Hell's Gate National Park is popular throughout the year.

Park Highlights

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Fisher's Tower

A 25 metre (75 feet) tall rock tower, Fisher's Tower is a popular attraction with daring rock-climbers looking to test their mettle against the spire.

Located close to the entrance to the park, Fisher's Tower is known to locals as a Masai girl who was turned to stone for disobeying her family before her wedding.

The Nature Trail

After a long and dusty trip in a safari vehicle, sometimes you just want to stretch your legs and have some peace & quiet.

The Nature Trail is a relatively mild hiking trail on which you'll be accompanied by birdsong as you observe the park's unique landscape.

Wildlife Viewing

While not known for game viewing, Hell's Gate is still home to a diverse range of animals. Large herds of buffalo, elands, Thomson's Gazelle, and warthog can be spotted within the park, as well as the Masai giraffe.

Big cats such as lions and leopards do live in the park, but are seldom seen.


hell's gate national park

Extreme Sports

With its canyons and gorges, Hell's Gate is a popular stop for rock climbers and mountain bikers looking for a new challenge.

The Lower Gorge

If you're looking to get off-the-beaten-track, a hike down into Ol Nojrowa Gorge might be just what you're looking for.

While wildlife viewing opportunities are few and far between, the serenity of the hike ought to be a real treat.

The Mervyn Carnelly Raptor Hide

An especially popular spot for bird-watchers, the Mervyn Carnelly Raptor Hide is an observation deck and hiding place designed especially for people wishing to observe and photograph birds of prey up close.

Ol Karia Geothermal Station

The first power station of its kind in Africa, Ol Karia is a geothermal power station making use of Hell's Gate's proximity to the now extinct Ol Koria volcano whose lava still flows beneath the park.

Harnessing the super-heated steam from 1,500m below the surface, Ol Karia is able to provide 25% of Kenya's electricity.

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