by Chris
January 16, 2016

The African Wild Dog, sometimes known as the African Hunting Dog or African Painted Dog, is an increasingly uncommon sight on safari.

Classified as endangered, these pack hunters are one of only two large predators in Africa to hunt mostly during the day - the other being the cheetah.

african wild dog serengeti 2

With their numbers being diminished by hunting and by the predations of lions, spotting African Wild Dogs while on safari is a real treat. Every bit as elusive as a rhinoceros or a leopard, these unusual looking creatures can be spotted in Selous Game Reserve, but only occasionally in Serengeti or Arusha National Park.

While on safari recently however, some of our clients got extremely lucky to spot these dogs getting some shade on a warm day.

african wild dog serengeti 1 african wild dog serengeti 3


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