Safari from Mombasa - One Day Trip to Tsavo WEST

Short Overview

Named after the river Tsavo, flowing from west to east through the national park, and divided by road and rail from Tsavo East, Tsavo West national park covers a good 9.000 kilometres and offers a variety of landscapes, vegetation, and wildlife. It is quite mountainous and wet, with swamps, Lake Jipe, the four enchanting natural Mzima springs, and Shetani lava flows.

Within the abundance of wildlife, there’s a black rhino sanctuary. So you are likely to see the critically endangered eastern black rhinoceros and the rest of the big five - the maneating maneless lions, giant elephants, cape buffalos, and leopards. Tall necks of the biggest giraffes in Africa, cute bushbabies, herds of hartebeest, cheetah, wild dogs, crocodiles, and much more are just waiting for you to admire! Thanks to its topography, Tsavo West offers also excellent rock climbing opportunities.

Your Journey Mapped Out

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  1. DAY 1 - Mombasa / Diani beach - Tsavo West National Park - Mombasa / Diani beach
Nights in total: 1
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DAY 1 - Mombasa / Diani beach - Tsavo West National Park - Mombasa / Diani beach

Knowing that the early bird catches a worm, rise before the shine, and head for a day full of excitement at The Tsavo West National Park! We’ll pick you up at your hotel in Mombasa or at your designated beach resort before the sun rises, and in the comfortable vehicle, you'll observe the life waking up on your way to the park.

After entering the park, get ready to see the red elephants, large prides of lions, some of them hanging in the acacias, small mammals all around, with tall giraffes and buffalos easily grazing - some on the floor, some in the treetops.

You will visit the enchanting Mzima springs and surely marvel at all the greenery surrounding these underground sources of clear water. You will see hippos, crocodiles, birds, many of them exotic migratory ones, and fish.

After enjoying a delicious restaurant lunch, and with your energy levels on the top, you’ll head for the next educational experience, a visit to the rhino sanctuary.

An afternoon game drive, where you can expect an admirable abundance of wildlife, will round up the day by visiting the famous Shetani lava flow and enjoying the breathtaking views of the snow-peaked Kilimanjaro in the distance.

Full of impressions we’ll bring you back to your hotel in Mombasa or at your chosen beach resort, or airport.