by Lauren Smith
September 14, 2016

What a Safari!

Karen, Ashutosh and Leeann ventured on a safari of lifetime! There journeyed by spectacular landscapes, history rich cultural sites, and of course, what everyone wants to see, the majestic wild animals of Africa and their everyday fight for survival.

Take a look at the photo diary below!


lion pride A pride of lions taking cover under some trees in Tarangire
Leopard in tree A leopard was spotted sleeping in a tree in Tarangire
Lion killing wildebeest mud An unusual sight where a Wildebeest was killed by some lions in the mud!
Sunset Serengeti Stunning sunset in central Serengeti
Maasai Paintings Maasai Paintings
Gong Rock At Gong Rock
Sunset Safari Another beautiful sunset from the trip!
Hyena Tanzania Hyenas and their prey
Flamingoes Serengeti Flamingoes in Central Serengeti

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