by Vika
October 19, 2022

Travel with us, and we plant a tree in your destination.

Shadows Of Africa has partnered with One Tree Planted to maintain and restore our beloved continent.

By supporting reforestation in the delicate ecosystems of our African home, we are making sure that this beautiful land will be around for much longer, so that it can continue to give life to its inhabitants, and that we can continue to enjoy its wonder.

Our partners at One Tree Planted have a mission to rebuild animal habitats, restore biodiversity, and improve the lives of the communities who rely on these forests by promoting sustainable forestry practices.

Trees are critical to protecting Mother Nature. They provide habitat for countless creatures, they filter the air we breathe, they clean the water we drink, and they play a big role in the fight against climate change.

Take a trip to Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, or Uganda, and we will plant a tree on your behalf!

Traveling with Shadows means that you leave Africa greener than when you arrived!

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