by Chris
December 12, 2015

Let's be honest, the main reason you've travelled to Tanzania is for the opportunity to go on safari and see some of Africa's most fascinating wildlife.

The standard way to go on safari is in a comfortable 4WD vehicle to do all of the work for you. With room for your phones to charge and a packed picnic lunch to keep you fed while you snap photos or gaze with admiration, Shadows of Africa offers you the best way to see the best of Africa in complete comfort and safety.

For those wanting a change of pace however, there are a number of other ways to go on safari including night game drives, balloon safaris over the Serengeti, walking safaris, horseback or camelback safaris, canoe safaris, cycling safaris, or even the increasingly popular golf safari option.

All of Shadows of Africa’s safaris can be combined with a range of different styles of accommodation. From camping out under the stars to all of the pampering you can handle in a five star luxury lodge, check out our accommodation options page for more information.


Shadows of Africa offers four distinct tiers of accommodation designed to suit all budgets and tastes. Ranging from traditional camping out under the stars all the way up to the ultra-luxurious, your safari can be designed to use only one tier of accommodation or to mix and match.

In addition to these four tiers of accommodation, there are also three types of accommodation: camping, tented lodges, and lodges.

Types of Accommodation




This is travel as it was done since time immemorial. Just you, a tent, a sleeping bag, and the endless sprawl of stars overhead.

Shadows of Africa can offer camping in and around a number of parks. All camping packages include camping equipment and the services of a personal chef who will prepare your meals while on safari.

Camping is exclusively in the budget tier of accommodation.

Tented Lodges


Far from being a simple tent pitched under the stars, tented camps can be every bit as luxurious as traditional hotel accommodations. Most tented camps include private bathroom facilities, king sized beds, gourmet food, and WiFi access where possible. Far from roughing it, they're every bit as luxurious as a hotel built with bricks and mortar.

Tented lodges can be found in the medium and luxury tiers of accommodation.



These are your brick and mortar hotels as you see them all around the world. Depending on your budget, these can range from simple but comfortable all the way up to decadent luxury.

Lodges can be found in all four tiers of accommodation, although budget lodges cannot be found inside national parks.

Tiers of Accommodation

Ultra Luxury


Featuring world renowned luxury brands, this tier of accommodations offers the very best of service and the very best of facilities. If you’re looking for something truly special in your accommodation, the Ultra Luxury tier of accommodation provides just that.

Ranging from traditional lodges to extravagant tented lodges under the stars, Ultra Luxury is for those seeking the absolute best Africa has to offer.



For those who want the five star experience without paying five star prices, our Luxury tier offers lodges and tented camps that can boast magnificent views, spacious rooms, excellent service, and stunning wildlife viewing.

The equivalent to a four or five star hotel, our Luxury accommodation partners can be expected to offer such diverse services as spa facilities, nightly entertainment, world class cuisine, and more!

Our luxury lodges are as diverse as the landscapes of Tanzania, ranging from lodges built in the treetops or among the rocks of the Serengeti, to accommodations built along the rim of Ngorongoro Crater or at the heart of a fragrant coffee plantation.

Many different options, but all of which offer top level service at affordable prices.



Whether they’re located amid the hustle and bustle of Arusha or out in the bush, all of our Medium accommodations are chosen for their ability to foster an atmosphere of tranquility and remoteness.

Our medium lodges and tented camps can generally be expected to have WiFi internet, full service bars and restaurants, laundry service, money exchange, and gift shops. Individual establishments may vary.

Medium tier lodges are perfect for families or couples wanting their western creature comforts, but who are traveling on a budget. The equivalent to three star accommodations, all of our Medium lodges are carefully chosen for their service, facilities, and location.



For those traveling on a budget, our Budget tier offers a mixture of budget lodges and camping facilities that cater to both the budget conscious traveler or the adventurer.

Our budget lodges offer you western style bathroom facilities and the usual comforts you’d expect to find in a budget hotel back home, while all camping sites are equipped with western bathrooms and running water.

Even though you’re ‘roughing it’, you’ll be accompanied by one of our chefs who will prepare delicious meals for you, and your guide will set up your tent as you eat.

All campsites in and near Tanzania’s national parks and conservancies are patrolled 24 hours a day by armed rangers who are adept at keeping you safe without detracting from the beauty of falling asleep to the sounds of Africa’s wildlife.

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