by Chris
April 19, 2016

What is a Tented Camp?

When first looking at their safari itinerary, a number of people are a bit confused as to what the difference is between camping and staying in a tented lodge.


In many ways, they are similar:

  • You're sleeping in a tent;
  • You're out in the heart of the action where you'll hear and even see animals passing by;
  • You're away from some of the modern conveniences you'll find in a lodge.

But while camping in Tanzania is a fantastic budget option for those who are feeling a little adventurous, tented camps offer more creature comforts for those wanting to be close to nature without having to sacrifice comfort.

Sometimes called 'glamping', tented camps combine the best of camping with the best of staying in a luxury lodge.

Why Stay in a Tented Camp?

For those who want to experience the wild beauty of the Serengeti or Ngorongoro, a tented camp is an excellent compromise between roughing it in a regular tent and staying apart from nature in a brick & mortar lodge.

Beneath the canvas roof of your tent, you're likely to find everything from a comfortable bed to a private bathroom to electrical outlets to charge your cameras.

And while our camping safaris come with the services of a very talented personal chef, it's safe to say that a tented camp with its permanent kitchen facilities can offer up a greater variety of foods than you'll find on a conventional camping safari.


What Can You Expect in a Tented Camp?

My own experience staying in a tented camp was one of my absolute favourite safari experiences. After a long day out on the Serengeti, we pulled into a clearing in which a number of tents stood.

As the sun set over the savannah, we enjoyed a delicious dinner by a crackling camp fire as the distant sounds of Wildebeest drifted across the plains.

serengeti sunrise Our very own Chris snapped this while staying at Kenzan Tented Camp in the Serengeti.

That night, sleeping in the comfort of a vast double bed in utter darkness, I was lulled to sleep by the sounds of Wildebeest grunting, hyenas chuckling, and the occasional mysterious rustling of the bushes.

Despite knowing I was sleeping at the heart of one of the world's vastest wildernesses, you feel completely safe snuggled up in your bed and encased by canvas.

There's something magical about stepping out into the crisp morning air for your breakfast and early game drive too.

Where Can You Stay in a Tented Camp?

Almost every national park in Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda offers at least one tented camp option. Some are within the park boundaries (such as in the Serengeti) while others are on the very fringes of the park.

Tented camps range from relatively simple budget affairs like Destiny Eco Camp at Kenya's Masai Mara all the way up to luxurious camps like Angata in the Serengeti.

You can request a tented camp be included in your itinerary and we'll make it happen!

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