by Vika
December 22, 2021

The waters around Mafia Island are infested with whale sharks.

That may sound dangerous, but whale sharks are shy, gentle, and, above all, magnificent creatures. They may be the same size as a bus, but humans are able to swim freely with them, and Zanzibar’s gorgeous tropical Mafia Island is the best place to do just that.

whale shark

NOW is the time

You can see whale sharks around Mafia Island from October to February every year, which is the longest whale shark watching season on offer anywhere in the world.

November and December are the best months for swimming with whale sharks, when they are most common in these waters. This also happens to be the best season for humpback whale sightings. So start packing and get ready for some swimming!

In the water

It is important to treat whale sharks with respect and give them their space. Even though they have no real teeth, it is important to be safe and sensible when you’re in the water with these massive animals.

If you are calm and respectful they may even shake off their shyness and come up to inspect you. Their curiosity will come out if they feel safe around you!

With safety in mind, swimming with whale sharks can be one of the most thrilling adventures of your life. Dive among a flock of whale sharks and bring home breathtaking photos and memories that will last forever!

It is an unbeatable experience: swimming in Mafia Island’s gorgeous clear-blue waters and making friends with giant whale sharks. What more reason do you need to visit this tropical paradise?

whale shark with yellow pilot fish and snorkeler

Mafia Island

Most travellers head straight for Zanzibar’s main island, Unguja (also known as Zanzibar Island), but the smaller and quieter Mafia Island, just to the south, offers so much for every traveller.

Even if swimming with enormous fish is not your thing, it is a serene holiday getaway with pristine diving and snorkelling conditions. The island is lately even gaining popularity as a honeymoon destination.

Mafia Island and its friendly whale sharks are waiting for you. We look forward to introducing you! Get in touch to plan your adventure today, before the season ends!

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