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January 16, 2014

Why Travel in Rainy Season?

Planning your dream safari can be a daunting prospect. Peak season prices can make it seem like you'll never be able to afford your safari adventure, but that isn't the case.

Some parks in Tanzania offer excellent game viewing through the year, and wet season isn't nearly as wet as the name might imply. In fact, wet season often equates to short but intense afternoon showers and little else.

Green Season, as it is sometimes known, transforms some of Tanzania's parks into verdant wonderlands. Normally dry and dusty Tarangire, for example, becomes a park transformed after the rain.

Another huge benefit to visiting in the traditional low season? Less crowds and better prices!

ngorongoro rainy season

Better Prices

You read that right!

During the rainy season, many lodges substantially reduce their rates to encourage people to visit. Luxury lodges that might normally be out of your price range are available at the same rate you'd expect to get a medium level lodge for.

Ask your Shadows of Africa safari specialist about what lodges they can get you a place at for an absolute steal.

Our Recommended Itinerary


While most of our safari itineraries work perfectly well during the wet season, the Tanzania Express is one of the best options at this time of year.

Taking you to three of Tanzania's prominent Northern Circuit parks, the Tanzania Express is a great way to take advantage of the lower prices while still seeing the Big Five and everything else that Tanzania has to offer.

In four unforgettable days, you'll visit al four of Tanzania's most famous parks.

The Ngorongoro Conservation Area will leave you breathless. During the game drive in Ngorongoro Crater, you will have the opportunity to observe the entire Big Five as well as zebras, antelopes, hyenas, monkeys, hippos and giraffes.

The Ngorongoro Conservation Area

You will also stop at the famous panoramic viewpoint on the rim to enjoy the breathtaking views of the crater.As a conservation area rather than a national park, Ngorongoro is also home to the famous Masai people. Within the crater, you'll be able to see Masai herding their cattle against the same backdrop as you see lions, elephants, and more. It's a distinctly Tanzanian biological and cultural safari.

An exciting day trip to Lake Manyara National Park will give you a feel for the real Africa. An unspoiled paradise of groundwater forests and teeming wildlife, Lake Manyara was used as the setting for the early Tarzan films due to its stunning natural environment. Home to tree climbing lions and all of Africa's most famous game, the park is also perfect for a bird-watching safari, with more than 400 species of bird calling the park home.

Tarangire National Park zebras one of Africa's little-known gems and should be on the itinerary of all wilderness lovers. The wildlife of Tarangire National Park is as diverse as its landscape; the park contains almost every animal species you can see on a safari. The park is known for its large elephant herds, which are among the largest in Tanzania or perhaps in the whole of Africa. The park is also home to primates and the iconic Baobab tree, sometimes known as the Tree of Life.


What needs to be said about Serengeti National Park? Arguably the most well-known national park in the entire world, the Serengeti is a seemingly unending sprawl of open savannah home to Africa's most iconic animals. The site of the bulk of the legendary Wildebeest Migration, the Serengeti offers a different experience each and every day. Home to large prides of lions, vast herds of wildebeest and zebra, elephants, hyenas, leopards, cheetahs, antelopes, warthogs, serval cats, and everything in between - the Serengeti is the premier safari destination in the world.


Read more about the Tanzania Express.

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