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August 25, 2013

Safari Guides & Drivers

Over Shadows of Africa’s years in operation, we've carefully selected only the best guides, drivers, and auxiliary staff to ensure you get the absolute best service during your trip. All of Shadows of Africa’s staff have many years of experience in the industry.

All of our safari guides are fluent in both English and Swahili, and have received training at schools such as the College of African Wildlife to ensure they have the best working knowledge of African wildlife, plant-life, and birdlife. This makes them excellent at knowing where to find the animals you’re looking for, and they’ll make it their main goal to ensure you spot the animal you’re most excited to see. Over their years of safari experience, they’ve not only become experts in the parks and their residents, but have also become open, gregarious people you’ll soon come to consider as a friend. Local people with a passion for Africa, Shadows of Africa’s safari drivers are consummate professionals whose love for Africa is infectious.

Safari Vehicles

Your safety and comfort are extremely important to us here at Shadows of Africa. Our fleet of safari vehicles has been specifically designed to handle the rigours of a true African safari while still affording you the maximum possible comfort on Africa’s dusty and often bumpy roads.

All of our safari vehicles are equipped with comfortable seats, 4x4 drive for handling rough terrain, a first aid kit, a HF radio, slide windows, and plenty of storage space so you can bring all of your luggage along for the ride.

In addition to every passenger having their own window seat, the vehicle's pop top roof allows for 360 degree game viewing on the move.

Each safari vehicle is also equipped with multiple electrical outlets so you can charge your electronics while on the move.

Our safari vehicles go through regular maintenance checks that include oil checks, fluid checks, electronics checking, new tires (if necessary), and any additional maintenance necessitated by Africa’s often unforgiving roads.

It may surprise some people that the secret to a great safari lies not in your specific itinerary, lodge selection, or season of travel. On the contrary, the key to success lies in the skills, passion, hard work, and competency of your driver-guide.

Safaris in Kenya

In Kenya, the standard safari vehicle is a 4x4 safari van that takes advantage of Kenya's better roads.

Our safari vans offer comfortable seats, a pop top roof for 360 degree viewing, and all of the safety features our Tanzanian 4x4s offer.

We can also arrange for Land Cruisers for those who would prefer the extra space, but these are typically more expensive in Kenya.

Safaris in Uganda

Safaris in Uganda also make use of 4x4 safari vans rather than Land Cruisers.

Safaris in Rwanda

In Rwanda, 4x4 Land Cruisers or similar vehicles are the norm.

Rwanda's roads are among the best in East Africa.

Are you interested in an African safari?

Contact one of our safari experts and we will tailor-make a safari for you!