by Vika
December 2, 2022

“Safari lunchbox” has become a bit of a dirty word on the safari scene.

Every good lodge cares about their travelers, and tries their hardest to create interesting meals for safari-goers, but it’s hard to avoid a bit of repetition out on the trail.

Shadows Of Africa has a very talented professional chef in our team to prepare safari lunchboxes for you – and the contrast in quality… well, let’s just say: you will appreciate it!

“Shadows of Africa provide hot lunch every day, which is not very often here! So for us it came as an additional bonus. As 80% of guests we saw at picnic places traveling with other companies have a sandwich box. So ask your company what kind of food they provide for lunch! - review from Natalie.”

Satisfy your appetite with a hot meal, enjoy freshly-baked sweets, and wash it all down with a cup of hot, locally-produced coffee! You no longer have to settle for dry sandwiches and a packet of chips.

What we appreciated much was the lunch which our guide had for us every day. It was cooked warm food of a very good quality which many of the other groups doing game rides did not have. As well we got some wine too. - review from Petra.”

The lunches we had with Shadows of Africa were superior to others. We had cooked meals set out on a table cloth with plates and cutlery and everything. - review from Paul.”

On top of that, our lunchboxes are totally plastic-free! So not only are there culinary advantages to our meals, but also environmental advantages too! Eating boring lunches and creating more waste, or enjoying delicious meals and caring for nature – the choice is easy.

The picnic lunches were also a step above the other groups- Shadows of Africa made sure to go the extra mile with each detail. - review from Christianna.”

We make sure to give travelers good quality, satisfying food, in big portion sizes, and with enough variety to keep your energy up for the whole safari trip. We want to make sure you enjoy the whole day out on the trail.

And, as an added bonus, you will make the other safari groups jealous when your lunch is spread out on the table and your cup is filled with wine.

What we found is that our meals, which were hot and prepared by the lodge that we had come from, were always met with longing stares from the clients with other guides. I’m sure their food was good, but Moody would set out our table full of hot food and wine and coffee and tea, and it just made our days that much better knowing that whenever we were hungry and needed a break for a bite to eat and something to drink, it was going to be every bit as good as the food we were getting at the lodges! - review from Mike.”

Travel with Shadows Of Africa, and you will be well-fed!

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