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August 13, 2014

Walking Safaris and Day Hikes On Arusha National Park Safari


Arusha National Park has it all when it comes to hiking and trekking! On safari to Arusha National Park there are more than enough oppurtunities to add a little activity to usual game drive from safari vehicle.

Following are the existing nature trails that are worth a visit during safari to Arusha National Park.

Ngurdoto Crater Rim trekking

Momella Gate to Itikoni and descend back to Momella gate. Hike duration is 4 hours.

Kitoto View Point to Njeku View Point then descend through Meru Crater back to Kitoto View Point:Hike duration is 4 hours.

arusha national park

Momella Gate to Tululusia Waterfall and back to Momellla gate. Hike duration 1.5 hours Tululusia Waterfall is beautiful small waterfall with height of 28 meters!

Ngurdoto Crater Rim walking trails:

Laitong to Buffalo 5 hours

Buffalo  to Kaitong 6 hours

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