by Chris
December 23, 2015

Meaningful travel is the belief that travel can be about more than just having an amazing time and taking beautiful photos.
It's the belief that you can do all of these things while still leaving the place you visited a better place than it was when you arrived.

It's about giving something back to the country that has amazed and moved you through volunteering at orphanages, charitable organisations, or conservation programmes.

We here at Shadows of Africa are very serious about not only sharing the beauty of Africa with you, but also doing what we can to improve the countries we invite people to. Through our partnerships with local orphanages and charities, we give back.

We'd like to invite our guests to do the same, and we have a number of ways you can make a meaningful contribution while you're on safari with us.


A Unique Insight into Africa

Participating in one of our meaningful travel activities or itineraries isn't just about giving of your time to help - it's also a fantastic way for you to see and experience a very different side of Africa.

While others will leave with memories of hotels and tours, you'll be able to go home with memories of smiling faces and lives forever changed by your efforts. It's a wonderfully uplifting feeling.


How We Help

The Shadows of Africa family adopted the Kibowa Orphanage in Arusha four years ago now, and we make regular visits to spend time with the kids, arrange international sponsors, and donate food, necessities, and building materials regularly.

If you would like to pay a visit to the bright-eyed kids at Kibowa, this is something we'd be delighted to arrange for you.

We are also actively engaged in the local community to promote the importance of education as a means of self improvement. Through Mega Kijana, we give young Tanzanians the tools and training they need to make a living for themselves.

Current projects include providing sewing training and equipment for talented young tailors, and providing communal chicken coops from which eggs can be gathered and sold to fund the local community.

Kibowa Arusha Kibowa Arusha Arusha kids Arusha Kibowa Travel Volunteer

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