by Lauren Smith
September 15, 2016

Driver and guide, Bashiri took Sean and Jennifer on safari through Tarangire, Central and North Serengeti and Ngorongoro. There is so much to see along these routes. With no time to lose, we always recommend taking a packed lunch with you on safari so as to not waste precious safari time going back to your accommodation to eat. We can organise your lunchbox around specific dietary requirements as well, as was the case with Jennifer who informed us that she needed lactose free lunches.

Just some of what they saw:

  • In Tarangire, they saw local migrations, and a lion hunting a wildebeest
  • In Central Serengeti they saw leopards, lions, buffalos and elephants. One of the lions that they saw chased and captured a hartebeest
  • In North Serengeti they witnessed the great migration pass the famous Mara River!

Bashir sent us some of the photos that he took along the way! Here they are below:

Elephants Tarangire Elephants, Tarangire National Park
Leopard Serengeti Leopard in the tree, Serengeti
giraffes elephants waterhold Giraffes and elephants around a small waterhole
Sunset in the Serengeti Sunset in the Serengeti

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