by Chris
July 6, 2016

Uganda Changes Visa Laws

As of July 1st, Uganda has made drastic changes to its visa laws.

Visas on arrival are no longer available, with all visitors to the country instead required to apply for an electronic visa ahead of their trip.

You can read more about this and apply for your Ugandan e-Visa by visiting the Ugandan Immigration page.

ugandan visa

How to Apply for a Ugandan e-Visa

The process is quite simple and user friendly.

  • Step 1: Visit the Ugandan Immigration website.
  • Step 2: Click Start A New Application.
  • Step 3: Read and accept the terms & conditions.

Step 4: Selecting the right visa for you.

  • Visa or permit type = visa.
  • Category = Choose whichever applies to you. This is likely to be transit (for short trips), single entry (for most trips), or multiple entry (if you intend to come back more than once.
  • If you're also visiting Rwanda and/or Kenya, you can apply for the East African Visa here.

The page will then direct you as to what documentation you'll need. These include a scanned copy of your passport's photo page, a recent passport sized photograph, and a scanned copy of your vaccination certificate for Yellow Fever.

It will also display the appropriate fee for your visa. A single entry Ugandan tourism visa is $100 USD.

Step 5: Paperwork

You'll be taken to a fillable form you'll need to complete.

Most of these are straight-forward personal questions that you'll need to answer on your own.

Under 'Other Data', you'll be required to answer some questions about your travel plans such as your point of entry, your contact in Uganda, and the duration of your stay. You can ask your Shadows of Africa agent to help you with these questions.

Step 6: Uploading Documents

You'll then be asked to uploaded the aforementioned documentation before you can proceed to finalising your application and making payment.


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email your agent or

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