by AdminSoa
July 3, 2013


  • Mkomazi National park giraffe
  • Mkomazi National park giraffe

Girrafe (Giraffa camelopardus)

Height: 3 m to the shoulder; 4.5-5 m total
Weight: M 1850 kg; F 825 kg
Active: Day and Night
Habitat: Acacia savannah woodland
Food: Acacia leaves at the apex

The world's tallest mammal with a very long neck and legs. Its body is covered with a latticce patern consisting of large irregularly shaded patches separated by networks of light coloured bangs. The color and structure of the patterning is very variable but several subspecies can be recognised based on distinctive regional difference. The Maasai giraffe can easily be recognized by its star-shapes spots. See more images!

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