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August 23, 2013

Safari vacations aren't just for solo adventurers or couples - with family safaris becoming an increasingly popular way to spend an unforgettable vacation with the people you love.

East Africa is uniquely equipped for familiy safaris - boasting Africa's largest variety of wildlife parks, accommodations, and family friendly activities. Don't discount the presence of beach destinations like Zanzibar and the Kenyan Coast, either!

Whether you're following in the footsteps of the Wildebeest Migration, engaging in a journey of cultural discovery with the Masai or Datoga, learning local crafts, enjoying a dip in your lodge's pool, or getting a closer encounter with iconic animals at a wildlife refuge - Tanzania has something for all ages.


What Makes a Good Family Safari?

At Shadows of Africa, we're well aware that travelling with children can be trying even at home - let alone worlds away in an unfamiliar culture. With several of our team being parents themselves, we've come up with the perfect formula for a kid-friendly safari that doesn't sacrifice quality.

How do we help you have the perfect family safari?

  • We select family friendly lodges. Many lodges have additional facilities to accommodate children, ranging from swimming pools all the way up to play areas and day care.
  • We minimize drive time between destinations, using interesting stops such as Masai villages or local market towns to break up longer drives.
  • Keeping game drives to a manageable length. With bathroom facilities limited in the wilderness of the Serengeti or Masai Mara, we're aware that kids might need  a break.
  • We can recommend additional activities that are going to delight and educate. Visits to local tribal settlements, lodges with family-friendly activities, and local attractions offering a hands on experience are all options.

Family Friendly Activities in East Africa

Whether your trip is taking you on safari in Tanzania or gorilla trekking in Rwanda, all of Shadows of Africa's destinations offer something for younger adventurers who may not be able to participate fully in game-viewing activities.

Kenya is particularly well equipped to handle families, with Nairobi boasting a huge variety of kid-friendly activities such as the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, the Giraffe Centre, and Bomas of Kenya.

In Tanzania, properties like Africa Amini Masai Lodge offer an engaging experience as children can learn how to make Masai jewellery, hunt like a Masai, and how to identify potentially useful plants in the African wilderness.

Across Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania - there are also a variety of properties with private game collections, as well as zoos and wildlife refuges in larger cities.

And, of course, the beaches of Zanzibar and the Kenyan coast offer a wealth of opportunities to make unforgettable memories with your kids too!

Volunteering Together

If you're wanting to give a little back or encourage community mindedness in your children, volunteering in Africa is an excellent way to do it.

Spending an afternoon at an orphanage in Arusha, adopting an elephant in Nairobi, or making a donation at the Millennium Village in Rwanda are all excellent ways to encourage a spirit of kindness while also seeing a different side of the region.

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