by Chris
May 27, 2016

Big Cats of Ngorongoro

Ngorongoro is always a popular stop on any safari adventure due to the huge variety of wildlife that calls the crater floor home.

On a recent two day visit to the area, our guests were lucky enough to see plenty of lions!

lioness closeup Another beautiful shot.
lions rock simba Lions love to sun themselves atop rocks that soak in the day's heat.
yawning lion Being King of the Jungle is tiring business!
Lion safari vehicle Up close and personal
A proud male lion gives the car a hungry look. A proud male lion gives the car a hungry look.
lioness hunting alert An alert lioness spots something.
lioness with cub A rare sight indeed! A lioness takes her cub in her mouth to make sure he's moving fast enough.

They were also lucky to get a few close-up moments with some cheetahs as well!

prowling cheetah A focused cheetah.

Rhinos of Ngorongoro

But a real highlight was undoubtedly a rare opportunity to get close to the often enigmatic black rhinoceros.

Shy animals, they're often only seen through binoculars, but our guests got a real close encounter!

rhino crossing On the move
rhino ngorongoro A rare closeup.

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