Mnemba island snorkelling experience


Details of Mnemba island snorkelling experience

Your private guide with a private boat will take you on a half an hour ride from Matemwe beach to Mnemba island (often wrongly referred to as an atoll), a jewel sitting in the sea. Its vast coral reef, measuring several kilometres in diameter, listed as a marine reserve, is the most popular snorkeling spot in Zanzibar.

And with a reason - its shallow waters, from 2 to 4 metres deep, burst with life. Moorish idols, blue tang, snappers, and clownfish are easy to see in a few feet of water, above a colorful, well-preserved reef. Sadly, there are some parts of the reef that are damaged, the corals fade and die. This happens because of changing climate, water temperature rise, excessive flowering of the algae, storms, and human interference.

Corals are sensitive to substances in sunscreen lotions, so please protect yourself with clothing rather than applying the cream. Your experienced guide will bring you to the most beautiful spots, preserve them! You will feel deeply moved to be seeing all this diversity and beauty.

Besides the fish and corals, look out for blue starfish, Red-knobbed starfish, or the fearsome crown-of-thorns starfish, a poisonous, coral-eating species.

You will start your snorkeling experience from the boat at the reef itself, a few hundred metres from the island. Namely, the island is private and reserved for the luxurious and wealthy (a 1000 USD per person) hotel's guests. Do follow your guide's instructions, setting foot on the shore or you may be punished with a hefty  fine.

While exploring the reef, you have a great chance to meet a dolphin at a very close range, they like the waters of the reef and often swim with divers. If the time is right, you may even see the green turtles heading to lay their eggs at the beach.

After this exceptional snorkeling experience, you'll be taken to a nearby sandbank for a relaxed delicious seafood lunch.




This offer includes:

· Transportation: from any hotel in Zanzibar

· Good half-day experience, usually from 8 am to 3 pm

· Private guided tour

· Snorkeling equipment

· Delicious seafood lunch at the nearby beach

· Fresh fruits, soft drinks, and water

Our advice:

· Suitable for all ages and fitness level, not accessible for wheelchairs

· Combine this experience with a visit to Nungwi natural aquarium and Mnarani marine turtles conservation pond for a swim with them and enjoy a full day surrounded with sea magic. 

Short Overview

Heading offshore from Nungwi or Matemwe beach a half an hour boat ride brings you to one of the most beautiful places for snorkeling in the whole of Africa, Mnemba island.

Its coral reef promises amazing sealife encounters - from corals of all kinds to millions of colorful fish.

Amazingly blue crystal clear waters are very often visited by flocks of dolphins, eager to share a swim with you. Definitely one of the best experiences for water-life admirers.


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