Details of Golf safari

Some of the amazing 18-holers are the:

  • Uganda Golf Club in Kampala
  • Lake Victoria Serena Golf Course in Lweza - Kigo
  • Entebbe Golf Club
  • Jinja Golf Course
  • Garuga Golf and Country Club Near Bwindi Impenetrable National Park
  • West Nile Golf Club in Arua
  • Tororo Golf Club
  • Mehta Golf Course in Lugazi
  • Kirembe Mines Golf Course in Kasese

If you want to combine your golf with some other activity, perhaps visit one of the 9-hole courses like:

  • Kabale Golf Club
  • Soroti Golf Club
  • Mbarara Golf Club
  • Entebbe Road Palm Valley Golf Club in Akright
  • Fort Portal- Toro Golf Club Near Kibale National Park
  • Lira Golf Club
  • Mbale Sports Club Golf Course
  • Kinyara Golf Club in Masindi
  • Mary Louise Simkins Memorial Golf Course in Kampala

Listed courses are only the ones with the best-golfing experience and quality of service, but you can find many courses scattered throughout the country.

For an ultimate golfing experience, opt for a package with premium accommodation, exclusive ground transportation and authentic tourist activities at each destination.

Short Overview

Whether you want it to be a half-day experience on a nine-holer to satisfy your desire or the essence of your trip, Uganda has many exquisite golf courses to offer. You'll find them all over the country, so a game can be organized almost in the spur of the moment. Regardless of the location of the course, breathtaking surroundings and unforgettable views are ensured. We know you love your clubs, but don't worry, full golf kits are available for renting everywhere.

We collaborate only with experts that take pride in the courses they offer and the services they provide. We know for a fact that the clubs offered will provide great golfing experiences worth your time and money.

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