Diving with sharks


Details of Diving with sharks


Excellent spots for shark watching are all around the South African coast. Depending on the location, you'll be able to encounter different shark species.

You may choose a 100% safe cage dive, or snorkelling or diving with sharks without a cage. Experienced guides will teach you how to behave amongst those magnificent beasts to enjoy one of the most thrilling experiences in life!

Sharks Cape Town


Did you know that the average lifespan of a shark is about 35 years, although some species live up to 100 years? And, that the shark grows all its life? The evolution of the modern shark began 100 million years ago, and most of today's shark species inhabited the Earth 65 million years ago. South Africa is, due to the geographic position, a place on Earth, where you can see more than ten different species of sharks, predominantly so-called requiem sharks. These are shark species that live in warmer waters, give birth to live young, and are migratory.

The Aliwal Shoal on the eastern coast of South Africa is home to a wide variety of shark species. Oceanic Blacktip sharks, Bull sharks, Dusky sharks, and Tiger sharks are present all year round. Ragged-tooth, also named Sand tiger, sharks and Hammerhead sharks swim the waters at certain times of the year. Here you'll be able to dive or snorkel amongst them without a cage!

Sharks Cape Town

If you want to unwind and get your adrenalin pantry full while visiting Cape Town, choose a shark cage dive at the famous Seal Island in False Bay to see the Seven-gilled cow sharks. Or dive at Cape Point with the Blue and Mako sharks. If you insist on encountering the Jaws itself, come between April and September.

Sharks Cape Town

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Is there a more frightening scene than the one when Jaws does its thing? Get a firsthand experience and feel your adrenaline pumping while diving or snorkeling amongst sharks! To scary? Opt for a cage dive and you may even encounter the great white!

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