Why Climb Kilimanjaro With Us

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the most attractive and challenging adventures you can have while in Africa. Shadows of Africa provides complete support and guidance for those wishing to make the epic climb.

Below are some very good reasons to climb Kilimanjaro with us.

Experienced Guides

Our experienced mountain guides and porters will ensure that your climb to the roof of Africa is as safe and easy as possible. Our guides have an intimate knowledge of the various routes and the climate conditions, allowing them to predict changes and avoid accidents along the way.

Having climbed Kilimanjaro over 100 times individually, all of our guides can help anyone make the journey to the roof of Africa. We also ensure before each climb that our guides are 100% physically and mentally prepared so that they can react quickly to counter potentially dangerous situations or to assist climbers.

But this is just the technical aspect. The fun factor they bring in with their stories from previous trips, singing local songs while climbing up the mountain and the emotional support they provide makes them an invaluable part of each trek.

Full Support

For all our Kilimanjaro trips, we provide total support from the time you contact us and book with us, until you have climbed Kilimanjaro and come down.

We will help you decide which route to chose and why, when to plan your climb, what to bring with you and what we will provide during your trek. Even before you have booked, you will know all the necessary details to help you embark on your adventure.

Before the trek starts, your guides will brief you on what to expect during the climb. They will check your equipment and if anything is missing, they will help you obtain it.

During the climb the guides will pace the walk according to your convenience. They will check your pulse and oxygen saturation levels twice daily to provide an indication of your health as you climb up. Food and water intake will be monitored and advised upon. And if any help is needed at any point in time, they are there with emergency satellite phones, ready to act.

Focus on Safety

Kilimanjaro is one of the easiest of the 7 summits to reach. However, that does not make it’s climb any less dangerous when approached in a casual manner.
Our team is well aware of this, and our guides do everything in their power to help you remain healthy at all times during the climb. This means climbing slowly, sometimes very slowly, if that will help you acclimatize better.

Daily check ups are part and parcel of each trip, as sometimes developing symptoms can be caught by listening to your breathing or by checking our oxygen saturation.

Emergency oxygen tanks are always at hand when needed. The food provided is fresh and warm and is carefully prepared keeping in mind the needs of our bodies during continued physical exertion. Our teams carry enough water to keep the group well hydrated.

Lastly, satellite phones help communicate with evacuation services at all times on the mountain, in case of any emergency.

Professional Equipment

A good guiding team, in-place safety measures and good quality equipment, all play their own parts to making a Kilimanjaro attempt successful.

At Shadows of Africa, we ONLY use top of the line tents and sleeping bags from a fantastic brand - Mountain Hardware. All equipment made to withstand the extreme environs of -20C and high winds atop Kilimanjaro.

All our trips have a portable chemical toilet that is much more hygienic as compared to the public toilets on Kilimanjaro.

Porter Welfare

Shadows of Africa is a member of the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project (KPAP), an NGO that promotes porter wages and working conditions.
We adhere with all their guidelines such as providing  appropriate equipment to our porters, paying them fairly and according to stipulated guidelines, providing them nutritious and adequate quantity of food and good accommodation and that their they do not carry baggage above the prescribed levels.
This means we have a very happy staff that makes each an every trip a fun experience for all involved.