Bungee jumping


Details of Bungee jumping

Jump: Bungeeeeee!, freefall 44 m and touch the source of the Nile! Challenge your fear of heights with an unforgettable thrilling activity that will surely get your adrenaline pumping.

And yes, if you manage to open your eyes, the views of the Nile river and forest canopy are amazing.

Short Overview

Let your heart rate race and feel your blood flowing through your veins, thumping into your head, making it unbelievably light again!
Treat yourself with fear-packed-adrenalin-boosted-water touching 44 meters deep heroic freefalling jump!
Introduced more than ten years ago, this construction overlooking the Nile in Jinja is Uganda's only bungee jumping site.

UPDATED INFORMATION: Bungee jumping has been closed for a while now. There is still no sign that it will be open soon. We will let you know once it is opened to the public again.

A 44 meters tall structure overlooks the source of the Nile. Choose a tandem jump, jump with a friend (235 kg weight limit), water-touching jump or a half jump. You can even go for a full-moon jump! Choose the ankle tie or a full-body harness.

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