Bird watching in The Udzungwa Mountain National Park


Details of Bird watching in The Udzungwa Mountain National Park

The Udzungwa Mountain National Park has a very rich forest bird habitation, indeed the richest one in Tanzania. Some of the bird species in Udzungwa are the African Marabou, Crowned Eagle, Rüpell's Vulture and the African Hobby with Francolin and Rufous-winged Sunbird discovered in the last few years. The Udzungwa forest is a most see for bird-watchers as it is among the top three African mainland bird conservation areas.

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The Udzungwa Mountain National Park is inhabited by over 400 bird species ranging from the common Green-headed oriole to more than a dozen Eastern Arc endemics. The Udzungwa mountain has four indigenous bird species, including a forest partridge which is more closely related to Asian bird species than to any African bird species.

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