Safari from Mombasa - One Day Trip to Shimba Hills

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A small national reserve, some 35 kilometres from Mombasa and around 15 from the coast, the Shimba Hills National Reserve is a precious jewel, comprising of coastal rainforest, grass- and woodland. Known for its richness of wildlife, maximum elephant density in Kenya, and primarily, as the safe haven of the endangered sable antelope, it ranks high among the beauties of nature. Its closeness to the famed Kenyan beach makes it for a great enriching and enlivening of your vacation.

Expect to see many mammals; besides the elephants and sable antelopes you’ll observe giraffes, buffaloes, bushbucks, and different duikers grazing, perhaps see a cheetah or a leopard hunt or lazily enjoy the caressing sun, spot hyenas, and many distinctive monkeys. Look out for pythons, lizards, and cute little geckos. Looking up you’ll surely see many of the 111 bird species living here, and in the dense Mwaluganje Forest as well as around the Sheldrick Falls expect to see some utterly different animals and vegetation.

And on top of that, you’ll have a cultural encounter, too! Visiting the Bantu-speaking Digo people and learning their butterfly-breading practices will surely add a different dimension to your experience.

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Our driver will pick you up at your hotel in Mombasa or the beach so your adventurous day at Simba Hills, one of the largest coastal forests in East Africa, will start at around 7 am.

You’ll start with an educational cultural encounter with the Digo people of the Bantu language group, learn about their way of living and butterfly breeding they’re so proud of and quite dependent on.

Further, you’ll explore the forest deeper, leave the car and go for an invigorating trek to the 25 metres high Sheldrick Falls, which waters tumble into a crystal clear, cool plunge-in pool. An ideal refreshment after some sweat has been poured! The leisurely feeling guests or the less physically prepared will meanwhile enjoy a short game drive, before picking up the hikers and joining for a lunch break with backdrop views of the Usambara Mountains and Mwaluganje elephant sanctuary. With deliciously fueled batteries, an extensive game drive awaits. Look out for the endangered sable antelope, elephants, buffaloes, leopards, civet and serval cats, hyenas, genets, waterbucks, Blue, Red, and Bush duikers, bush pigs, bush babies, Vervet, Sykes and other monkeys, pythons, cobras, cute geckos, and lizards. Lift your eye for the sights of 111 bird species, among them 22 endemics.

After a day full of beautiful sights and amazing experiences, our driver will bring you safely back to your hotel.

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