Boat Safari in Nyerere National Park


Details of Boat Safari in Nyerere National Park

The picturesque Nyerere National Park is a unique and pristine safari destination. As a part of Selous Game Reserve, it belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage Site as the oldest and largest protected nature reserve in Tanzania. It bursts with life, most of all wildlife parks on the entire African continent. Besides an abundance of hippos, buffaloes and crocodiles, you will usually see water-bucks and impala n in the water meadows and elephants and lions drinking water. More than 40 species of birds will entertain you with their acrobatics and song. Although your eyes will be fastened on the river banks, don't miss the opportunity to spot some of the many fish and crustacean living in the river.

Short Overview

Get aboard a motorboat and experience a safari while floating down the Rufiji river in Nyerere national park.
You're guaranteed to see crocodiles, hippos and buffaloes.
Riverine marshes overlooked by panoramic plains decorated with golden grass, songs and the play of countless birds will surely add some sighs to the stunning beauty and richness of this largest river in Tanzania.

Full day, morning or afternoon safaris are available.
A 10 am morning safari usually follows an early walking tour, a 3 pm afternoon safari promises breath-taking sunset views, and a full day safari will please you with an insight into animals' daily routine.

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