• Kichanga Lodge - Romantic Zanzibari Escape

    January 23, 2017

    A romantic Zanzibari escape, picturesque beach, tasty food, stylish bungalows – all is waiting for you in Kichanga Lodge. Kichanga is a little bit wild but it has such  good style and taste.

    Once you enter the lodge – you’re greeted by an atmosphere of complete relaxation. We are sure that the first secret to its amazing atmosphere is hidden in the staff working in Kichanga. We were treated to amazing hospitality while  staying with Kichanga and felt absolutely  at home. The people are so warm hearted and sincerely happy to welcome you and do everything possible to make you feel special and comfortable. They have a personal touch with every each client.

    We had a chance to meet the owner of the lodge personally. Nigel Firman is a British- Italian guy who has spent 12 years of his life on Zanzibar. He came to South- Eastern part of the island to open Kichanga while it was completely wild land without roads, fresh water,or electricity. Years of experience have made this place like a slice of paradise.



    Another very important thing to note is that Nigel and the management of Kichanga have a charity project for the local community. The idea of the project is to help local people to learn how to swim. It’s not all about business at Kichanga, it’s also about taking  good care of people.

    The property’s 23 bungalows & villas are perfect for those who love nature and appreciate privacy. Kichanga Lodge enjoys a prime location surrounded by tropical gardens, a picturesque white beach, and the crystal clear Indian Ocean.

    Guests will find the bungalows to be very spacious and comfortable, with a private hammock on the veranda where you can stay and admire the sunset over the ocean. Inside of  each bungalow there is  natural air conditioning – the absence of windows allows the ocean’s breath to refresh the air and cool you off.

    Additionally,every room has nice beach amenities such as a beach bag and towels. Kichanga is a great place to clear your mind and to forget about the whole world.

  • Unguja Lodge and Its Monkeys

    January 9, 2017

    Have you ever been in love with a hotel?  That what happened to us after visiting Unguja Lodge in the North East of Zanzibar.

    Unguja Lodge was a big surprise for us. If you compare it to all classic hotels with usual all inclusive packages, Unguja will look very different. The lodge’s villas are located right in front of the ocean, with some of rooms having strategically missing sections of wall or roof to bring you closer to nature.


    The resort’s grounds are home to a lot of monkeys, so you’ll need to be sure to keep your room locked to fend off these cute thieves. Don’t be surprised to come back to your lodge and find that you’ve got a furry guest!

    Unguja’s stretch of beach is perfect for swimming with dolphins. You can ask the hotel to take you there by boat and enjoy meeting these fantastic creatures. If you want to go deeper and explore the marine wonders of Zanzibar, Unguja also has its own diving center. So you can even get your PADI certification there.

    Of course, this place is not for people looking for parties, but it will be perfect if you prefer to enjoy the serenity of nature in full.


  • Impressive Tulia

    January 9, 2017

    Pongwe is one of the most beautiful areas of Zanzibar. It’s the perfect location for a luxury hotel such as Tulia.

    Julia and Lesia from our team  recently checked out Tulia, a new hotel in the North East of the island. Villas in this resort are all about good taste and boast a nice mixture of modern and Zanzibari style. They are spacious and full of light. We were impressed by the design and the charming colour palette.

    One of Tulia’s selling points is that it is the only  hotel in Zanzibar which has water slides! Though the hotel is very peaceful and relaxing, you can still have some fun. You can also take a dip in the beautiful pool with ocean view or admire the resort’s colourful and picturesque garden.

    Of course, Tulia also boasts a high level of customer service. This means you  can really forget about all of your troubles, enjoy an ice cold drink, relax, and fall in love with the gorgeous Indian Ocean.

  • Our breakfast on the roof of The Seyyida Hotel & Spa

    January 8, 2017

    The Seyyida Hotel & Spa is very cosy and sophisticated. The style of rooms there still reminds you of Zanzibar with some fresh and different details. It is light and welcoming, perfect for travelers who want to enjoy the real atmosphere of Stone Town.

    Julia and Lesia from the Shadows of Africa team had  breakfast on the roof of the hotel and they really felt like they were at home there.  The atmosphere of the restaurant is very relaxing and service is attentive without being annoying.


    Breakfast includes fresh fruits and pastries, aromatic coffee, and perfectly made omelets and French toast. As per local culture, the food was served in a simple yet appetizing way. The best part of the breakfast there is the ocean view. You can see dhows going for their morning fishing and ferries heading to Dar es Salaam.

    Our tip before choosing this hotel is to check which view you will get from your room. Best of all is to choose ocean view, these rooms have the best view and the most natural light.

  • Javed Jafferji & His Boutique Hotel

    December 28, 2016

    If you are tired of the usual hotels with the usual design, Stone Town can offer you a very special option for your stay. Jafferji House is a small boutique hotel with lots of interesting ideas. The founder of the hotel is a talented local photographer, Javed Jafferji, and you can find lots of his spectacular works decorating the hotel.

    The design of the hotel puts you in mind of the house of a passionate traveler. You can find furniture and decorations  from all around the world: Morocco, Afghanistan, India, Mozambique, and much more. Despite this eclectic descoration, it still looks very Zanzibari.

    Each room is different, so you can choose the one for your own tastes. We really liked the Moroccan styled bath and diverse colors of the suites. The painted walls  remind you of Moroccan streets, but the style of decoration will give you the feeling of being in an ancient sultan’s palace.

    We were invited for a breakfast in the hotel’s restaurant and were pleasantly surprised to find that in addition to your order, you get a basket with fresh pastry, some local fruits, fresh juice, and a pot of natural coffee. We really appreciate when a hotel is taking care of guests by offering them some extra things.

    The hotel also has a roof with a view on the Stone Town; you can even request your breakfast to be served there.

    With Sales Manager

    We recommend Jafferji House for people who wish to experience a cocktail of cultures and appreciate unique interior design. This place will inspire a creative person, and we would suggest stopping there for a couple of days.

  • Our Visit to Maru Maru Hotel

    December 27, 2016

    Maru Maru Hotel in Stone Town is priced as a medium property, but their service is definitely closer to luxury.

    Julia and Lesia from the Shadows of Africa team visited this hotel with a site inspection and were treated as valued guests. That is one of the ways you can check the hospitality at the hotel. Upon arrival, they were greeted with fresh towels and drinks, a sure sign that this place knows how to greet guests.

    Maru Maru is very careful with small details and you can feel it from the first step when you are entering reception and breathing in the fresh lemongrass aroma. The hotel keeps a classic Zanzibari style, carefully adding some modern things like elevator.

    The hotel has its own bakery and we can confirm – their bread and cakes are delicious.

    Maru Maru is probably most famous because of its rooftop restaurant. It has one of the most stunning views of the city, and it is often used by local television for this reason. When we visited hotel, one Zanzibari celebrity was giving an interview at one of the restaurant’s tables.

    Maru Maru’s restaurant is also very popular for the nice food and the romantic atmosphere in the evening. Our team tried some Indian dishes there and everything was perfect.  The local chef followed all of their preferences, catering to their vegetarian diet to a tee.

    Dinner on the roof with Alok Gupta - Sales & Marketing Manager of Maru Maru

    We really recommend Maru Maru for its value of price and personalized service!

  • Our Experience in Double Tree by Hilton, Stone Town

    December 22, 2016

    Last month, Lesia and Julia from the Shadows team, visited one of the most famous hotels in Stone Town – Double Tree by Hilton.

    Perfectly located in the heart of the city between old buildings on the tiny street, you can feel a fresh pleasant smell and the air will cool you down from the outside heat the moment that you walk in. The hotel’s pleasant staff will nicely greet you and take care of you from the first minute.

    Lesia and Julia were surprised when the General Manager of the hotel, Mr. Philippe came personally to greet them at reception. Afterwards, they proceeded with an inspection around the hotel.

    Double Tree by Hilton started welcoming guests in July 2014. So, the property is still very new and fresh. Decorated with a fusion of modern and Zanzibari style, this property is one from the few hotels here in Stone Town to have an elevator. Everything was made with love and soul. Your stay here will be definitely be one of both convenience and luxury.

    Talking about bedrooms, the girls can say they are very comfortable. Rooms are large with King sized beds. They even have signature beds. What does that mean?It  means that Hilton has their own concept for matresses and pillows.

    The bedrooms have been designed in a smart way,divided so that you have a sleeping area, a working area, and chill out area. You  have everything necessary in the bedroom - starting with a safety locker and finishing with a hair dryer. All rooms come with complimentary water, tea, and coffee in the room. There is also 24 hour room service/ private dining.

    Julia and Lesia would  love to highlight the restaurant which is located on the rooftop with a view of the sea and Stone Town. The executive chef, Shafeek is from Mauritius and the restaurant serves delicious Mediterranean cuisine as well as local favorites.

    The girls were treated to a delicious meal of crab soup in coconut, prawns with avocado & mango, grilled shrimps, beef fillet chops, and incredibly delicious desserts including ice cream and cheesecake. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

    If there is one drawback to the hotel, it is the lack of a good view from the rooms. Who doesn’t want to enjoy their cup of coffee with an astounding view?

    For travelers who are looking for luxury accommodation in a brand they recognize, the Double Tree by Hilton is an excellent option.

  • Experiencing the Conrad Maldives Resort

    September 7, 2016
    Chris from our Asia-Pacific office paid a visit to Conrad Maldives and found it's a culinary wonderland.
  • Amini Africa Maasai Lodge: A Cultural Experience with Social Benefit to Match

    Lauren Smith
    September 5, 2016

    Bordering Arusha National Park, Africa Amini Maasai Lodge gets a huge tick of approval from the Shadows of Africa team. Not only does this lodge offer a unique experience and offer genuine interaction with the Maasai and elements of their culture but your stay also helps to support social projects run by the founders and members of the local Maasai community.

    Healthcare in Tanzania is largely determined based on accessibility and affordability. Such barriers to healthcare are significantly exacerbated in more rural areas of the country. Recognising that healthcare was not attending to the needs of Maasai in Momella, Arusha, Doctor Cristine Wallner from Austria (founder) began to take this issue into her own hands. From its small beginnings of attending to clients under the giant fig tree, Amini Africa has expanded into a permanent hospital, and also provides access to other social services such as education and vocational skills training.

    Amini Africa The Fig Tree and Starting Place for Africa Amini


    “Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services”
    - Article 25 of the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948

    When Dr Wallner shifted to Tanzania, her idea was to establish access to professional healthcare where there was none. Due to the isolation of Momella, people requiring treatment needed to travel hours by foot to the nearest health facility. Today, the health facilities at Momella are some of the best in the region.

    Shadows of Africa recently visited Amini to get a glimpse at the work they were undertaking. Remtulla, our designated tour guide, took us around the hospital including their new operating theatre (opening in October), the school and orphanage, computer learning centre, women’s centre, library and healing centre.

    Amini Africa Hospital Nurses Rooms


    If you’re interested in getting a genuine cultural experience during your stay in Tanzania, while supporting a great cause at the same time, don’t go past Africa Amini Maasai Lodge.  Check out the rest of the photos from our tour below!

    Africa Amini Womens Centre Women's Centre
    Africa Amini Healing Centre Healing Centre with Natural Remedies
    Africa Amini Library Library
    Africa Amini Orphanage Orphanage

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