Arusha City tour


Details of Arusha City tour

Known as the safari capital of East Africa, Arusha is also the administrative centre of Tanzania. At 1400 m above sea level the humidity and temperatures stay relatively low, with an average daily temperature around 27 °C. 

Colourful and fragrant food and vegetable markets Tengeru or Usa River will amaze you with a vast variety of well-known as well as unusual products. Visit the clock tower, which marks the centre of Africa.

Take a look at the archaeological artefacts in the old Boma German museum. Explore the local art scene and cultural souvenir markets.

Visit graves of Polish war refugees in Tenguru, where a local guide will present the significance of this cemetery.

Stop around the town and soak in its unique vibe, whether sipping a local beer or indulging your palette in local food. Arusha is a town worth visiting, a great day to spend between the bush adventures.


Short Overview

Take a tour around Arusha, a bustling agricultural town, a tourist centre and a main headquarter for east African safaris.

Stroll around the local market, visit a school and church, have a Kilimanjaro beer in a local pub and observe the busy streets.

Overseen with Mount Meru, nestling the Arusha national park on its slopes, it lies in the middle of the African continent. Perhaps a box to check?

 Select a tour to your liking – whether you want just a quick hour-long morning or evening insight or a full day experience with a local lunch included, we have a suggestion for everyone. A relaxing experience with no strain – just right between safaris.


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