Bird watching in Serengeti National Park

Bird watching in Serengeti National Park

Short Overview
The Serengeti National Park and especially Lake Ndutu is a paradise for both birds and bird-watchers. The national park is inhabited by over 500 bird species such as Ostiches, Secretary birds on the grasslands, the Black Eagles above the Lobo hills, larks, Kori bustard, fiches and raptors...

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Details of Bird watching in Serengeti National Park

 The park is also the homeland of the amazing Lilac-breasted roller and the 3 endangered Tanzanian species: Grey-rumped spur fowl, Fischer's lovebird and the babbler-like Rufous-tailed weaver. The Serengeti is also inhabited by a very special bird worth looking for the honey guide. The honey guide lives in a symbiotic relationship with the Ratel (Honey Badger) as the honey guide leads the Ratel to bee hives. The Ratel, which is immune to the bee stings, pulls down the bee hive and opens them to eat the honey. The honey guide eats the bee wax.

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