Достопримечательности Эфиопии

National Parks

Ethiopia has 31 National Parks and 2 Sanctuaries; it also has 70% of Africa’s mountains. Ethiopia’s national parks are the perfect way to enjoy the country’s various landscapes and its unique wildlife.


Far from your conventional safari destination, Ethiopia offers landscapes as diverse as its wildlife. An exploration of Ethiopia’s National Parks will see you out on wide open savannah plains, exploring craggy mountain valleys, and out on misty moorlands.

Ethiopia Wildelife
Ethiopia Wildlife

Wildlife of Ethiopia

Ethiopia is teeming with wildlife, abounding with numerous species of birds (262 species) and mammals (277 species).


Famous for its endemic wildlife, Ethiopia is home to animals and birds that can be seen nowhere else on earth. You can learn more about this on our blog.

Historical Sites

More so than any other African nation, Ethiopia has been able to preserve its rich history. Today, visitors can reap the rewards of ancient Abyssinia’s fierce patriotism by visiting the country’s many religious and historic sites.


The most popular of Ethiopia’s historic sites include the famous Churches of Lalibela, the beautiful Gondar castles, and the ancient city of Askum.

ethiopia market ethiopia market

Local Markets

In Ethiopia, markets are more than just places for exchanging goods. They also serve an important social purpose. Market day is when people get the opportunity to meet up with old friends, meet new people, socialise, and share news.


A visit to one of Ethiopia’s bustling markets is therefore a fascinating cultural experience, offering insights into modern Ethiopian culture that you won’t get from your safari vehicle.


Selling everything from produce and spices to shoes, clothes and livestock, these markets can also be a great place to find a remarkable souvenir for that special someone.

Bird Watching

There are more than 835 bird species found in Ethiopia, 23 of which are unique to the country.


On any forest walk or guided safari you are guaranteed to see some bird life, but for the more serious birders, we can arrange a guide to help you spot and identify species.


You can find species such as the Ethiopian guinea fowl, blue-winged goose, lammergeyer vulture, red-cheeked cordon bleu, marabou storks, flamingos, and more.

ethiopia bird watching