Augrabies Falls National Park

Augrabies Falls National Park

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Translating roughly into ‘place of great noise’, Augrabies Falls National Park takes its name from the 56m high waterfall which roars into life when the Orange River is in flood. Its rocky terrain and local wildlife make it a popular destination with photographers, although it does not boast the variety of wildlife (or the Big Five) that larger parks do.


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Augrabies Falls National Park

Size: Approximately 820 square kilometres.

Location: Northern Cape Province.

Best Time: February to April.

Known For: Augrabies Falls during the flood season.

To Do: View the waterfall, hiking, and off-roading.


The main point of interest in the park is undoubtedly the falls for which it is named. During the flood season from February to April, the Orange River swells into a raging torrent that tumbles over the falls quite spectacularly.


For the remainder of the year, hiking and off-roading are the primary attractions in the park. A number of hiking trails such as the 5km Dassie Trail and the 40km Klipstringer Hiking Trail make for adventurous expeditions.


Animals within the park include rock hyraxes, klipspringer, mountain zebras, and a variety of birds.